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Fashion Retail Jobs

There are lots of different job positions at fashion retail stores all around the country. Some of the job positions at fashion retail stores are similar to traditional retail stores, while some positions are specific to fashion retail stores. Here in this article we describe the most common job positions among fashion retail stores.

Fashion Retail Job Descriptions

Sales Associate: A sales associate at Rainbow is the person that provides total customer support to the customers within the store. This is an entry-level job position, however it would be a big plus if a sales associate is interested in fashion. Sales associates spend almost all of their time on foot interacting with tens of customers throughout their shift. To use suggestive sales techniques is usually demanded from sales associates.

Stock Associate: A stock associate at Hollister is responsible for the loading and unloading of items and placing the items systematically in the backroom of the store. Checking for shipment accuracy, defective merchandise and the inventory on the sales floor are additional stock associate duties. This is another entry-level fashion retail job position which may only require physical strength to some extent.

Merchandiser: A merchandiser at Aéropostale places the items within the store such an appealing way that engages customers’ attention and ultimately aims to increase the sales at the store. This is usually a mid-level job poisition which requires analyzing sales graphs and developing merchandising strategies. The merchandiser often has an insight about the sales potential of products and shares any knowledge with the management.

Loss Prevention Associate: A loss prevention associate at Calvin Klein oversees the store area to get in the way of any potential attempt of theft. The loss prevention associates check any potential case regarding fraud. A loss prevention associate may be asked for supporting other teams at the store in time of need.

Assistant Manager: An assistant manager at Icing helps the Store Manager in basically all tasks. Ensuring excellent customer service within the store area and improving visual merchandising are among the primary duties of an assistant manager. An assistant manager also recruit and train new employees to make them qualified enough to provide excellent customer service at the fashion retail store.

Store Manager: The store manager at Loft oversees all daily operations at the store. The store manager creates successful business strategies that result in the financial well-being of the store. The store manager hires new employees and and develop excellent sales teams, which eventually constitute a fantastic fashion retail store.

Fashion Retail Jobs,

Bottega Veneta Application Online & PDF 2020

Bottega Veneta is an Italian fashion retail company. The company’s most significant feature is using its special leather weave design called “intrecciato”. Intrecciato has been Bottega Veneta’s breaking point and its most famous design. The company was founded in 1966 by two Italians named Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro. The initial products sold were leather designs, shoes, jewelry, perfume, eyewear and some furniture. In 2006 the company made its first jewelry line. In 2016 the

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Fossil Application Online & PDF 2020

Fossil Inc. was founded as Overseas Products in 1984 by an American university student named Tom Kartsotis. The company’s main product was retro-looking fashion watches at earlier times. As the company grew, they added new products as collection watches based on pop culture icons such as Batman, Elvis Presley, Pokemon and Matrix, etc. In 2006, Fossil produced an official watch collection for every football team in The USA National Football Leauge. Fossil is now a

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Duluth Trading Company Application Online & PDF 2020

Duluth Trading Company is a company that sells workwear, work equipment and work accessories for men. It was founded in 1989 by two brothers, Bob Fierek and David Fierek. As you can understand from the name, the company was founded in Duluth, Minnesota. The founders have opened their first store in The Ramsey Square Shopping Center. In 2005, Duluth Trading Company released its first women’s catalog. The company went public in 2015 and has been

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Coach Application Online & PDF 2020

Coach, which is also known as Coach New York or Coach IP Holdings LLC, is a luxury accessories company that was founded in 1941 by Lillian Cahn and Miles Chan. The company began as a family business workshop. The luxury accessories that Coach sells are handbags, apparel, watches, footwear, jewelry, makeup and perfume for both men and women. Over 250 Coach stores are located in 21 countries all around the world. In 1985, the founders

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Rainbow Shops Application Online & PDF 2020

Rainbow Shops, commonly called just ‘Rainbow’, is a grand fashion retail chain. It is selling products of brands that specifically target young women and teenagers. Rainbow was founded in 1935 in New York. Today, Rainbow has stores in over 1,300 locations. About 10,000 employees are working at Rainbow stores. Rainbow is known for selling clothes at a moderate price. Rainbow Shops Jobs It is always a good time to start working for Rainbow Shops, since

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PacSun Application Online & PDF 2020

PacSun (short of Pacific Sunwear of California Inc.) is an American retail clothing brand. It is known about its youth-oriented California-lifestyle products. Being founded in 1980 in Newport Beach, California, there are more than 600 PacSun stores in the United States and Canada. PacSun is currently operating in each state of the US with its 10,000 employees. If you want to buy some California-inspired clothing, footwear, and accessories, PacSun should be the first place for

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Sunglass Hut Application Online & PDF 2020

Sunglass Hut is a sunglass, watch, and sunglass accessories retailer that founded in 1971. Sunglass Hut was the part of an Italian company called Luxottica, the world’s largest company on eyewear. Sunglass Hut opened its first shop on a kiosk in Dadeland Mall. This kiosk quickly reached success and this led Sanford L. Ziff, the company’s founder to open other stores. Sunglass Hut stores located in 20 countries with different kinds of store types. In

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Timberland Application Online & PDF 2020

Timberland LLC is an American subsidiary corporation that specializes in manufacturing and retailing outdoor wear. The focus of Timberland is on footwear. Today, the company is owned by VF Corporation. Timberland’s headquarters are located in Stratham, New Hampshire. Timberland was founded in 1928 in Boston, Massachusetts by Nathan Swartz. Besides outdoor clothing, the company also provides apparel such as clothes, watches, glasses, sunglasses, and leather goods. In 1973, the company debuted their original guaranteed waterproof

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Hollister Application Online & PDF 2020

Hollister is an American fashion retail company. It was founded in Ohio just in 2000. Then, it had swiftly extended to 578 locations worldwide. Hollister is a major provider of casual clothing and accessories. It is a sub-company of the larger company named “Abercrombie & Fitch”. The main target of this company is customers that are between ages 14-18. Hollister Jobs Do you want a job at which you will feel happy economically and socially?

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Aéropostale Application Online & PDF 2020

Aéropostale is an American fashion design retail store chain. It is operating in about 20 different countries today, with more than 21,000 employees currently getting paid in Aéropostale stores in these countries. Aéropostale has expanded to Asia, the Middle East, and other countries in recent years. Aéropostale stores are usually located in shopping malls. The target audience of Aéropostale is teenagers between ages 14-17. However, you can find products for young people of other ages