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DaVita Application Online & PDF 2020

DaVita is a kidney dialysis service of companies that are centered in the United States. Medical Ambulatory Care In. Opened the company DaVita for further need in kidney dialysis service in 1979, in Denver, Colorado. Today, the company has 202,700 active clients that request health care in 241 different dialysis centers in multiple countries. The DaVita currently employs 77,000 health personnel. The name of the company coming from an Italian meaning “giving life”, “Dare Vita”.

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HCA Healthcare Application Online & PDF 2020

HCA Healthcare is an American health care facility operator. It was founded in 1968 in Nashville, Tennessee. The company is operating in the United States and the United Kingdom with 185 hospitals, 119 freestanding surgery centers and 121 access centers. As being the 67th-largest American company by total revenue on the Fortune 500 list, HCA Healthcare is employing about 250,000 people within its facilities. Florida and Texas are the major states in which HCA Healthcare

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McKesson Application Online & PDF 2020

McKesson Corporation is an American distributor of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies. It was founded in 1833 in New York City. The major products that McKesson provides are pharmaceuticals, medical technology and health care services. McKesson is currently the 6th largest American company by revenue, which is currently employing about 80,000 employees. In addition to the United States, the company is operating in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. McKesson is the parent company of

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Cardinal Health Application Online & PDF 2020

Cardinal Health is an American company that is providing health care services and distributing pharmaceuticals and medical products to over 100,000 locations all around the world. The company was founded in 1971. Today, Cardinal Health is the 14th largest company in the United States in terms of revenue. It is operating the largest network of radiopharmacies in the United States, and provides medical products to more than three-thirds of the hospitals in the country. In

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United Healthcare Application Online & PDF 2020

UnitedHealthcare is an American nonprofit healthcare company that is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. It offers health care products and insurance services to clients. It is also the largest healthcare company in the world. The company aims to provide innovative approaches, products and services that can improve personal health and promote healthier populations in local communities. More than 320,000 people around the world empower the UnitedHealthcare with commitment to quality, including about 90,000 clinics. UnitedHealthcare Jobs

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The Little Clinic Application Online & PDF 2020

The Little Clinic is an American company that provides high quality, affordable healthcare services. The Little Clinic locations are located in convenient retail settings. The Little Clinic diagnoses and treats minor illnesses for patients 12 months and up with care provided by board-certified nurse practitioners and/or physician assistants. The Little Clinic started operations in 2003 with its first locations in Louisville, Kentucky. Company founders believed a new model was needed to make quality healthcare more

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Comfort Keepers Application Online & PDF 2020

Comfort Keepers is an in-home care services company that is owned by the French multinational company Sodexo. Comfort Keepers is providing non-medical care for adults and seniors. Comfort Keepers was launched in 1998 and reached an instant success that there are about 700 Comfort Keepers offices in 10 countries today. It has been referred to as one of the fastest-growing companies at the present time. Comfort Keepers Jobs You have an elderly loved one and

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Aetna Application Online & PDF 2020

Aetna is an American health care company. It was founded in 1853 as Aetna Life Insurance Company. Aetna serves traditional and consumer-directed health care insurance, as well as medical, pharmaceutical, dental and related services. Almost 50,000 employees are working with Aetna. Since last year, Aetna is a subsidiary of CVS Health. Aetna operates a gigantic network that includes 22 million medical members. Aetna Jobs A job at Aetna is a perfect one for people who