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True Value is a privately held retail company that was founded by John Cotter in 1948. The company is headquartered in Chicago. The company’s main products are building tools, lumbers, paints, plumbing equipment, building materials, and home improvement products in general. True Value serves worldwide with more than 4,500 locations in over 60 countries. In 2018, a privately held investment company, ACON Investments, acquired True Value.

True Value Application Online

True Value Jobs and Careers

You will find true satisfaction with your job position at True Value! Being one of the most famous hardware stores in the whole country, True Value was one of America’s best large employers in 2019 according to Forbes. Now the company is seeking new employees to work in its hundreds of stores. If you are interested in retail jobs and do have great communication skills, a job at a company such as True Value might be just the perfect job for you. Check the job opportunities at True Value today!

How do I apply for a job at True Value?

  1. Go to the official career website of True Value.
  2. Press the “Job Openings” button.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page. On the new page, you can use various filters in order to find a job located near you or fitting for you.
  4. When you find a job that seems to fit with your career goals and desires, click on it.
  5. You will be redirected to a new page. Press the “Apply” button.
  6. A new page will pop up. Provide the required information. Then, you will be redirected to a new page.
  7. Fill out the online job application form and finalize your application.

Basic Information

Job Positions: Merchandise handler, general manufacturing, warehouse supervisor, purchasing agent, assembler, inventory control supervisor, team lead, distribution clerk, forklift operator, general packaging, maintenance supervisor, assembler, utility worker, inbound/outbound manager, system specialist.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Merchandise Handler: You will be responsible for safely unloading merchandise from trailers, lifting cartons and products, and checking goods received against purchase orders or invoices. You will also be responsible for loading cartons on pallets and other containers for outbound shipment.

General Manufacturing: You will be responsible for the manufacture of coatings products. You will tend to paint mixing machines that mix paint, lacquer, and stain. You will compute amounts and weights of paint, lacquer, solvent, or thinner required from the standard formula. You will measure the viscosity of the products. You will have to maintain a record of inventory of supplies on hand.

Distribution Clerk: You will perform clerical duties. You should provide customer service support as needed. Other duties such as handling phone calls and distributing mail will be assigned.

True Value Job Application Form PDF

Here on our web page, you can find the printable job application form of True Value. Click the link to open the document. If you print it, fill it out with your pen in blue or black ink, and submit it to your local True Value store, you will increase your chances to get hired, since in-person job applications are generally viewed more positively than online job applications.

True Value’s employment application form consists of 4 pages. First, write your name, present address, telephone number, and social security number. Then check the corresponding boxes next to some questions. Also, answer some open-ended questions. Fill in some blanks as well. At the bottom of the page, read the statement, then date and sign below to validate the application. On the second page, provide detailed information about your employment experience. On the third page, complete the sections titled Military, Education, Reference Information, and Office Skills. On the fourth page, specify the hours and days at which you will be available for work. Lastly, you are strongly recommended to provide additional information regarding your abilities and/or contributions that the hiring manager would be interested in. A good Applicant’s Comments text will significantly increase your chances of getting hired.

True Value Job Application Form

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