TacoTime Application Online & PDF 2021

TacoTime is an American-Canadian fast-food restaurant chain founded by Ron Fraedrick in Eugene, Oregon, in the early 1960s. Ron Fraedrick first tasted the brilliance of Mexican cuisine and since then decided to pursue this different type of hunger, later founded a company that mainly specializes in Mexican food. This fast-food chain includes over 226 locations in the United States and another 74 locations in Canada. The headquarters of the restaurant chain is now located in Scottsdale, Arizona since 2003, after the highly acclaimed company was bought by Kahala Brands of Scottsdale, Arizona.

TacoTime Application Online & PDF

TacoTime Jobs

TacoTime possesses a massive culture built by its workers over the past 60 years. The festive interior decors and the rich culture creates an enjoyable and happy environment where both the employees and customers can feel good about being in TacoTime. TacoTime has promises towards employees and customers that are driven with passion, where the company prioritizes quality over quantity and offers fresh and real ingredients to provide a true Mexican food experience. The process is never rushed and ingredients such as Crisp Burritos and salsas are made fresh daily. TacoTime’s honest relationships with customers create a friendly community that employees are a part of, and can feel at home.

How to Apply

  1. Go to TacoTime’s official website.
  2. Locate the section “Zip or City & State” and insert the location where you are looking to apply.
  3. According to your desired location, TacoTime stores will appear in the bottom segment of the screen.
  4. Click “Apply for a job” next to the store you are willing to apply.
  5. You will see an online job application form. Fill out the online application form by providing all the required information and click “apply” in the far bottom section of the page.

Basic Information

Job Positions: Crew member, cashier, cook, manager, prep cook, fast food worker.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Positions & Salaries

Crew Member: You will wash and prepare raw food ingredients, follow recipes from printed recipe cards, or by memory according to company operators manual. You will operate power-driven machinery to prepare food ingredients. You will assure food is cooked, reheated, cooled to safe temperatures properly dated, rotated and stored according to health regulations. You should assist with serving orders while tending to the guests’ needs.

Prerequisite: Food handlers permit.

Manager: You will encourage teamwork at your TacoTime restaurant while overseeing all financial and non-financial operations meanwhile.

Prerequisite: Undefined.

TacoTime Application Form PDF

Here, you can find the printable job application form of TacoTime. You can use this form while making an offline job application at your local TacoTime restaurant. Click the link to open the form. Print it, and then fill it out with your pen in blue or black ink. Then simply walk into your local TacoTime restaurant and submit it to the management. Good luck!

Taco Time Job Application Form

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