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Starbucks is an American multinational coffeehouse chain. It one of the most famous coffeehouse chains in the world. It was founded in 1971 in Seattle. Starbucks is operating worldwide with approximately 30,000 locations and 300,000 employees. Since the 2000s, Starbucks has become the flagship of the second-wave coffee culture, which includes serving automated espresso and grande decaf latte.

Starbucks is also very well-known for its trademarked brand Frappuccino, which is iced coffee with cream and sauces. Additionally, you can drink fresh juices and smoothies, or eat high-quality pastries, snacks and sandwiches at Starbucks. Starbucks is the owner of other companies in the business, such as Ethos Water, Teavana, Torrefazione Italia and a couple more.

Starbucks Application

Starbucks Jobs

There’s a reason why people stop by a Starbucks location before work each day. Starbucks wakes you up, gives you joy and energizes you for the rest of your day! So, if you want to stay awake and live your life to the fullest each day, apply now for a job at Starbucks. Have fun, smell good coffee and earn a fair wage at the same time.

Starbucks has been a leader in providing creative benefits to retail workers. Now the company is taking steps to improve its employees’ mental health, including improvements to its mental healthcare benefits offerings. The company currently provides inpatient and outpatient mental health care for staff member including coverage for six free visits to a mental health provider through its employee assistance program. The company aims to boost its mental health offerings is noteworthy, especially as the issue takes a prominent place in healthcare discussions globally.

How to Apply

  1. Go to the official job application website of Starbucks.
  2. Select a job category, then click “Search jobs” button.
  3. Write down your desired job keywords, your country and current location. Then, click “Search for Jobs” button.
  4. Select one of the most suitable job offerings for you in the list, then click on it.
  5. If the detailed information is satisfying for you, click the “Apply” button.
  6. Read the privacy agreement. You can continue only if you click “I agree”.
  7. To proceed, you have to log in. If you don’t have an account, create a new account. This will take so little time. Then you can continue your online application.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16.

Hours of Operation: Generally 5:00am-10:00pm.

Job Positions: Barista, shift supervisor, assistant store manager, store manager, district manager, regional director, automaton specialist, process operator, inventory supervisor, maintenance mechanic, distribution specialist.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Positions & Salaries

Barista: You will prepare the drinks, and serve them to the customers that are waiting next to the checkout desk. You need to be gentle towards customers. If you are good at communicating with people and have flexible working hours, this job is just for you! You will earn about $10/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Shift Supervisor: During scheduled shifts, you will be assisting the store manager by executing store operations. You will be the leader of the entry-level employee team at your Starbucks location. You will monitor the cleanliness of your location and you need to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Prerequisite: Customer service experience in retail or restaurant business.

Manager: You will be the director of store operations. Financial success and customer satisfaction are two key components that you need to pay extreme attention to. You will earn between $25,000-$60,000 per year.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED. 3 years of management experience in retail or customer service business.

Starbucks Application Form PDF

Starbucks has a printable job application form. If you want to apply for a retail job position, submit the job application form to your nearest Starbucks location.

The employment application form of Starbucks consists of 2 pages. First, provide your personal information. Then, indicate your desired job position and your available days/hours. Next, provide your education level. Lastly, answer 3 questions properly. On the second page, provide information about your former employers and give the names of three professional references. Read the following text and sign the paper to complete the application form.

After you download the Starbucks printable job application form to your computer, you can take a printout of it. Then you can fill out the paper with your pen and submit to the company. Instead, if you want to fill out the application form on your computer without printing it, you may want to convert the document to MS Word format. Here, you can convert documents from PDF format to MS Word format (the file extension of MS Word is doc or docx). Then, you can easily fill out the form on your computer and submit it to the company online.

Here, you can find the link to the job application form:

Starbucks Job Application Form


Starbucks Job Application Form pdf

Starbucks Interview

In some cases there may be a phone interview, however, most commonly, the interviews are held at a Starbucks location. After you submit the job application, they will reach you in a while depending on the store’s current need for new team members. The interview questions are generally pretty basic questions about yourself and your previous experiences in food service jobs, if any. Some job applicants report that the interview environment at Starbucks is a comfortable one where you can also get some free pieces of food or drinks during the interview.

If you have any other questions, you can send an email to All emails are answered within 24 hours.

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