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ShopRite is an American retailer supermarket chain. Founded in 1946 in Newark, New Jersey, today there are 318 ShopRite stores distributed among six states in the United States. ShopRite is referred to as the largest food retailer in New Jersey. It has been among the most successful regional supermarket chains in the United States for many years.

ShopRite Job Application Form PDF

You can find the printable job application form of ShopRite below. It is better to go to the store with a job application printout. Your chances to be hired will definitely get increased if you go to a ShopRite store with a filled job application form in your hand.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

ShopRite How To Apply Online

On ShopRite’s official website, here are the simple steps that you should take in order to successfully submit an online application for a job:

  1. Go to the official career website of ShopRite.
  2. Search job by typing in keywords, such as location to the search bars.
  3. You will see the job list.
  4. Select a good one for you among the jobs, and click on it.
  5. Read the job description.
  6. You may need to create a free new account, in order to proceed with your online application.

ShopRite Job Positions

  • Cashier
  • Bagger
  • Grocery clerk
  • Cake decorator
  • Bakery clerk
  • Deli clerk
  • Seafood clerk
  • Produce clerk
  • Meat department clerk
  • Night crew clerk

ShopRite Job Descriptions


The cashier position at ShopRite is a good starting point for your career. Since you are going to work at the desk, you need to pay attention to your personal hygiene and look as well. Ensuring excellent customer satisfaction is one of your responsibilities. Therefore, you need to be friendly all the time and ensure good communication with the customers.

Cashiers must be good at basic math operations, and they need to be physically fit as well, because as a cashier sometimes you may have to work on your feet, and you may have to lift, push, pull or reach boxes and products up to 25 lbs.

Online Shopper In-store

The online shopper in-store position at ShopRite requires the candidates to be detail-oriented people. Basically, you are going to prepare the orders of the customers and make them ready before they arrive. Therefore, you need to be careful in picking the right items in good condition. Of course, you will be expected to comply with the safety and satisfaction guidelines of the company.

You also need to be a fit person because you will spend most of your shift on your feet. In addition to this, the company is looking for candidates that can perform basic math and basic computer functions. You will be working in varying temperatures and cooperatively with your colleagues.

Grocery Night Clerk

If you are looking for a job, where you will work at night, then the grocery night clerk position at ShopRite may be an ideal choice for you. You will be responsible for maintaining a clean and neat working environment while helping the customers. Providing excellent customer service to the guests of the store will be one of your most important duties.

In addition to this, you will have to restock the shelves and aisles when needed. All candidates must perform basic math skills and be able to lift, push, and pull products and boxes up to 50 lbs. Thus, you need to be fit. Keep in mind that you will also spend most of your shift on your feet.

ShopRite Careers

Would you like to work at a grocery store while you’re studying, or to save yourself time off the job? ShopRite offers a flexible schedule to work part-time or even full-time. If you are confident about your friendly and outgoing attitude, working at a ShopRite store could pave the way for your successful future career.

ShopRite Interview

ShopRite interviews are one of the stress-free interviews you are going to have. The entire process is generally quick and simple. Just like most of the other companies, they also ask you basic interview questions. Thus, make sure that you are ready to provide honest and satisfactory answers to them.

In general, the store manager will be interviewing you. However, if you apply for managerial positions, you will be invited to the headquarters, where human resources will interview you. The interviews are held in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, and you usually learn the result of your interview on the spot.

ShopRite Employee Benefits

ShopRite employee benefits include dental and health insurance, paid time off, flexible schedule, weekly bonus and stock options, 401k retirement plan, and some free meals. There might be additional benefits depending on your length of employment at ShopRite and/or job position. Please contact the ShopRite store that you want to start working at for precise information about what benefits you will get once start working.

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