Reebok Application Online & PDF 2021

Reebok International Limited is a worldwide operating company. It was founded in 1895 in Bolton, Lancashire, England. The company specializes in footwear and apparel products mostly directed towards sports. In 2005, the company became a subsidiary of another highly successful sporting goods company, Adidas. Reebok is one of the giants in the sports clothing and footwear industries and is known for producing and distributing fitness, running and CrossFit sportswear. The company is the official sponsor for the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), CrossFit, and Spartan Race, providing them with footwear, apparel, and more. The company has its global headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts U.S. and has regional offices in Amsterdam, Montreal, Hong Kong, and Mexico City.

Reebok Application Online & PDF

Reebok Jobs and Careers

Rebook and its parent company Adidas are passionate about integrating sports with everyone’s daily lives. They are trying to achieve this by promoting a higher quality of life for various communities. Confidence and Collaboration are the pillars that the Rebook environment is built on. These terms apply differently to athletes, employees, and customers. However, they all have one thing in common: to bring out the best in themselves. Rebook encourages its employees to take initiative and be creative and is willing to take risks for the sake of learning and improving. This vision of the company directly reflects the working environment in Rebook facilities. Employees are creative, initiative, and aware of their surroundings. If you are looking to be the best of yourself and find out what you are really capable of, come work with Reebok.

How do I apply for a job at Reebok?

  1. Go to Reebok’s official career website.
  2. You can filter your desired positions and locations by using the search boxes at the top left segment of the screen.
  3. After you have filtered your desired position, click on a job opening to see it in detail.
  4. Read the job description in its entirety.
  5. If you want to proceed with your online job application, click “Apply Now”.
  6. You will need to sign in to proceed. If you don’t have an account yet, click “create an account”, which is located on the bottom left segment of the screen.
  7. After you sign in, fill out the application form by providing all the required information and complete your application process.

Basic Information

Job Positions: Team leader, cash wrap supervisor, visual merchandising champion, retail store associate, sales associate, store manager, manager brand communications-top creator, senior manager product supply, retail store associate, assistant manager e-commerce, inventory management, junior HR specialist.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Retail Store Associate: You will perform the duties of a sales associate, cashier, or stockroom associate. You will be expected to meet and exceed customer expectations and boosts sales and Brand experience. You should be aware of store and individual targets and actively work to meet or exceed these.

Prerequisite: None.

Retail Cash Wrap Supervisor: You will contribute to meeting or exceeding store sales and profit targets. You will provide support and feedback to Retail Professionals and store management.

Prerequisite: Proficiency in all Cash Handling BPs and Store Security audits. Being skilled at POS systems and MS Office. Advanced retail professional competencies.

Retail Team Leader: You will contribute to store profitability by ensuring KPIs for a defined area within the store are met or exceeded. The core expectations include coordinating team members to provide the best possible balance of service and operations, resulting in a leading shopping experience.

Prerequisite: Being skilled at POS systems and MS Office.

Reebok Job Application Form PDF

Reebok doesn’t provide any printable job application form on the internet. Therefore, you need to visit the official career website of Reebok and make an online application for a job at your local Reebok store.

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