Metro Market Application Online & PDF 2023

Metro Market

The first Metro Market opened in 2004 in downtown Milwaukee and introduced a unique urban shopping concept to the city. It has become a convenient stop for people working and living in the city center. It has become a neighborhood meeting point that is serving espresso and gelato in its Wi-Fi-equipped café. Great meat, seafood, baked goods, prepared gourmet dishes and full-service coffee bar, dessert shop, homemade Italian gelato, kosher section, giant salad bar, wines that are all sold at Metro Market stores, are very famous!

Metro Market Application Online

Metro MarketJob Application Form PDF

Since Metro Market is a Kroger brand, you can use the printable job application form of Kroger when you apply for a job at Metro Market in person. You can find the link to Kroger’s application form here.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

The application form is short and only consists of 2 pages. First, provide basic information about yourself and then provide information about your education. Next, fill out the Background Check section. Give details about your work experience at the beginning of the second page and list two references other than relatives. Read the Notification and Agreement. Sign the form and write the date to validate your application. You can now submit this form to the management at a Metro Market store in your neighborhood.

Metro Market How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Kroger, which is the owner of the Metro Market brand.
  2. Click “APPLY TODAY”.
  3. Write “metro” or “metro market” into the search bar on the left to see job openings at Metro Market stores.
  4. Click a job offer from the list of jobs on the left. You can read its job description next to the job list.
  5. Click “Apply Now” at the top of the job description if you think you’ll like the job.
  6. To continue, you must create an account on the following website. Then, continue and fill out the online job application form and submit it to the company.

Metro Market Job Positions

  • Baker
  • Cheese specialist
  • Bartender
  • Retail clerk
  • Grocery stocker
  • Clicklist associate
  • Deli service clerk
  • Produce clerk
  • Popcorn and sweet shop specialist
  • Meat clerk
  • Customer service representative
  • Overnight baker
  • Overnight grocery stocker
  • Floral clerk
  • Cashier
  • Deli lead
  • Pricing lead
  • Meat lead
  • Manager of deli
  • Center store lead
  • Dairy lead
  • Front end floor supervisor
  • Bakery lead
  • Meat department lead
  • Front end supervisor
  • Customer service manager

Metro Market Careers

Don’t you want to experience working at a great store? It’s a job where you can spend time with your great teammates and nice customers. Everyone is reliable and are cooperative to get the tasks done. The managers are understanding of personal situations. Having regular payment days and having a staff discount card is a big advantage. Apply today and start your new career at Metro Market!

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Every day 6:00am-11:00pm.

Metro Market Job Positions & Salaries

Retail Clerk: You will work in many areas of the store. You will assist customers at checkout and bag groceries. You will build attractive displays and stock shelves. You will select and gather products to fulfill customers’ online orders. Also, you will prepare gourmet dishes, bake fresh bread and create artistic floral arrangements.

Prerequisite: None.

Front End Supervisor: You will create a positive shopping environment for customers and a positive working environment for employees. You should resolve customer issues and concerns. You will have to identify and relay opportunities to the Service Operations Manager to improve front-end operations.

Prerequisite: Undefined.

Customer Service Manager: You will create an outstanding customer experience through exceptional service and direct and supervise all functions, duties, and activities of the front-end. You will ensure that customers’ needs are addressed quickly and professionally. You should establish and maintain a safe and clean environment that encourages customers to return.

­Prerequisite: 21 years of age. Current alcohol sellers permit once employed.

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