Jack in the Box Application Online & PDF 2021

Jack in the Box is an American fast-food restaurant chain. It was founded in 1951 in San Diego, California. Today, the restaurants serve in 21 states in the United States. Over 22,000 employees work in these restaurants. Jack in the Box is mostly known for its chicken tenders and french fries.

Jack in the Box Jobs and Careers

If you are a food enthusiast, a job at Jack in the Box may just be the right one for you! You will have plenty of joy working at this restaurant chain, and surely you will advance in your career, as a result of being a successful employee. Both socially and financially, your most basic desires will be fulfilled by your job at Jack in the Box, regardless of whatever it is. You will enjoy the delicious smell of fried chickens, potatoes and newly made hamburgers in the restaurant while working.

Jack in the Box optimizes its talent using the People Equity model developed by the Metrus Institute and a commitment to execution. Jack in the Box has always been able to up its game by focusing on alignment, capabilities, and engagement (ACE). The company began with some serious introspection. It already received useful feedback from customers, but also wanted to learn from its employees. The company believes in asking employees with a survey to understand the drivers of ACE, to be able to determine whether it is due to training, teamwork, or some other issue.

How do I apply for a job at Jack in the Box?

You can apply online or apply in person to Jack in the Box. If you definitely want to find a job at this great restaurant chain, it is recommended that you visit a restaurant in your area of residency and apply for a job in person. All you need to do is to enter a restaurant, to find a manager, and to ask them for a short talk about employment. If there are job openings at the store at the moment, the manager will guide you to submit a successful job application at the restaurant. There is always a vacancy in a Jack in the Box restaurant somewhere. Check if any of them are around your home!

Jack In The Box Application Online

You have a few simple steps to complete your online job application to Jack in the Box:

  1. Go to the official career website of Jack in the Box.
  2. Press “job search” at the top left of the page.
  3. Type in career category, location and any additional information as you wish in the search bar. Then press “search”.
  4. The relevant information will be listed at the bottom of the search bar.
  5. If you encounter a job opening that you are interested in, press “apply” next to the job title.
  6. Press “apply now” again on the next web page.
  7. You have to create an account on the website, by submitting your phone number.
  8. Proceed with your online job application after creating an account and logging in.

Jack in the Box Job Vacancies & Opportunities

Since Jack in the Box is one of the most popular fast-food restaurant chains in the United States, it is popular among young job seekers as a matter of course. The most popular job position at Jack in the Box is restaurant crew. In this position, employees perform simple tasks that are done either behind the counter or in the kitchen area. Jack in the Box receives plenty of applications almost the entire year, but since the number of locations present in the US is high, it is not very uncommon that applications get rejected. In contrast to the restaurant crew positions that require no experience, there are team leader, assistant manager, and restaurant manager positions at Jack in the Box restaurants for experienced job candidates.

Position Name Location Apply Button
Team Member San Antonio, TX Apply Online
Team Member Novato, CA Apply Online
Team Member
San Rafael, CA Apply Online
Team Member Montebello, CA Apply Online
Team Member
La Puente, CA Apply Online
Team Member El Monte, CA Apply Online
Team Member Diamond Bar, CA Apply Online
Team Member San Diego, CA Apply Online
Team Member Los Angeles, CA Apply Online
Team Member (Cashier)
Encinitas, CA Apply Online
Cashier and Cooks
Sulphur Springs, TX Apply Online
Team Member
Sonoma, CA Apply Online
Team Leader
Alhambra, CA Apply Online

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Always open.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Restaurant Crew: You will greet customers, take and deliver their orders in a friendly manner. You will receive payments at the checkout. Also, you must maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant. You will earn $7.25/hour.

Prerequisite: None.

Team Leader: You are responsible mainly for training the employees. You must provide a healthy and positive environment for both customers and employees. You also have to maintain the food quality of the restaurant as high as possible. You will earn $8.50-$10.50/hour.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED, also previous experience in the restaurant business.

Restaurant Manager: You will hire new employees, and at the same time, you must have contact with all employees in the restaurant. You are responsible for the general order of everything that goes on in the restaurant. You will earn between $35,000-$50,000 per year.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent, plus some college coursework.

Jack in the Box Employee Benefits

Jack in the Box offers some benefits to its restaurant employees such as medical benefits, flexible schedules, holiday pay on Christmas, free meals and employee discounts, monthly bonuses, sick leave, and a good employee development program. The benefits may vary by job position, employment type (part-time/full-time) and restaurant location. Thus, it is recommended that you discuss the benefits with your local restaurant during the hiring process.

Jack in the Box Job Application Form PDF

You can find the printable job application form of Jack in the Box below. Click the link and open the form. Print it, fill it with blue or black ink and submit it to your desired Jack in the Box restaurant.

The employment application form of Jack in the Box is made out of 2 pages. Fill it starting from the top left part. Provide some personal information first. Then, specify your applicant status and availability in the box next to this section. Next, provide requested information about your education. In the next section, you should answer some questions about your employment at Jack in the Box. On the second page, fill in only the left half of the page. Provide requested information about your last three jobs and employers. At the bottom of the page, you will see the Applicant Signature section. Read the statement there and sign the page & write the date. You can now submit the form to the management at your local Jack in the Box restaurant.

Jack in the Box Job Application Form

Which states have a Jack in the Box restaurant?

Jack in the Box restaurants are mostly located on the West Coast, while there are several restaurants located in other regions of the US. Almost three-quarters of the restaurants are located in California and Texas, while a significant number of restaurants are found in Arizona. Houston is the leader among US cities in terms of Jack in the Box restaurants, followed by Phoenix and Los Angeles.

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