Delta Air Lines Application Online & PDF 2022

Delta Air Lines Overview

Typically referred to as Delta, Delta Air Lines is an American aviation company. It was founded in 1924 and practiced its first flight one year later, namely in 1925. Delta Air Lines is the oldest airline company in the U.S. that is still operating today. The company has 913 planes and is operating 5,400 flights every day to 325 destination points.

The destination points are in 52 countries that are distributed among each continent except Antarctica. About 86,500 employees are currently working with Delta Air Lines. This airline company is referred to as the second-largest airline in the United States, in terms of passengers carried and fleet size.

Delta Air Lines Jobs and Careers

Flight attendant, airport customer service agent (ticketing/gate agent), field service manager, program manager, supply attendant, data science specialist, customer experience specialist, and baggage handler are some popular job positions at Delta Air Lines.

How do I apply for a job at Delta Air Lines?

  1. Go to the official job application website of Delta Air Lines.
  2. By customizing your search, find relevant jobs that you would like to apply for.
  3. A list of jobs will appear. Select a likely job from the list.
  4. Once you have selected the job, you need to log in to the website and create a new account. Then, fill the online job application form, providing all the information. There is no option of downloading the job application form as PDF or otherwise.

Delta Air Lines Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application form, which you can print and submit to an appropriate location of Delta Air Lines. Instead, you need to visit the official website of Delta Air Lines and make an online application. Best of luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Delta Air Lines Vacancies

No Positions Locations
1 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – RDU Raleigh, NC
2 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – ORD Chicago, IL
3 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – RDU Raleigh, NC
4 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – BOS Boston, MA
5 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – IAD Washington, DC
6 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – BOS Boston, MA
7 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – SMF Sacramento, CA
8 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – ANC Anchorage, AK
9 Ramp Agent (Customer Service Agent) – JFK New York, NY
10 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – LAS Las Vegas, NV
11 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – IAD Washington, DC
12 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – MCO Orlando, FL
13 Customer Service Representatives Dallas, TX
14 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – MCO Orlando, FL
15 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) – SMF Sacramento, CA
16 Intern, Onboard Brand Experience Design (Summer 2022) Atlanta, GA
17 Ticket/Gate Agent (Customer Service Agent) –PVD Providence, RI
18 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – LAS Las Vegas, NV
19 Ramp Agent (Customer Service Agent) Atlanta, GA
20 Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – DAY Dayton, OH

Work at Delta Air Lines

Have you ever thought in the middle of the day why you’re alive? If you had, we have a possible answer for you: we live to collect moments that we’d like to remember, which will make our hearts warm. If you are stressed out because of all your daily responsibilities, why not taking a flight somewhere completely new for a couple of days? Delta Air Lines will be one of the best companies that will operate this flight. By working with Delta Air Lines, you will be part of a huge team that aims to improve people’s lives. Delta Air Lines, making moments matter.

Minimum Age to Work: 21

Hours of Operation: Always operating.

Delta Air Lines Job Descriptions

Flight Attendant: You will work on the plane, serving food and drinks to the passengers. You will also greet the passengers while boarding, and just before the flight, give basic safety instructions. This is a full-time job, which will make you earn about $47,838 per year.

Prerequisite: None. You will be trained once you are hired.

Airport Customer Service Agent: You will work on the ground, in contrast to flight attendants. You will sit at the desk in the office. You will be answering phone calls and sell plane tickets. You will also promote optional airline services once you sell the ticket. You will be working full-time and earn about $39,000 per year.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: None.

Delta Air Lines Salaries

  • Baggage Handler – $31,415 per year
  • Supply Attendant – $37,981 per year
  • Customer Service Representative – $15.09 per hour
  • Customer Specialist – $35,539 per year
  • Passenger Service Agent – $13.77 per hour
  • Reservation Agent – $14.95 per hour
  • Janitor – $10.42 per hour
  • Grounds Maintenance Worker – $68,644 per year
  • Technician – $66,550 per year
  • Surveyor – $11.50 per hour
  • Machinist – $86,836 per year
  • Quality Specialist – $2,967 per month
  • Stocking Associate – $16.81 per hour
  • Field Representative – $22.88 per hour
  • Ticket Sales Representative – $22,132 per year
  • Cargo Agent – $25,408 per year

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