CNA Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

CNA is a well-known retail store chain in South Africa. Stationery and books are the most popular products that are sold at CNA stores. In addition to these products, CNA also sells educational items, crafts, and games. CNA is a very old company, it was established in 1896 by two businesspeople. During its most successful years, which were the 1990s, there were as many as 350 CNA stores across South Africa. Eventually, in the following years, the store quantity of CNA decreased. Today, there are 160 CNA stores in South Africa and neighbouring countries. Since 2002, Edcon, which is also the owner of the Edgars brand, is the owner of CNA stores.

CNA Application

Job Positions

  • Cashier
  • Sales assistant
  • Retail specialist
  • Cash office supervisor
  • Department supervisor

Job Descriptions

Retail Specialist

You will be the employee who provides useful information to customers about the stationery and books sold at the store. Knowledge about the products sold at the store is essential for this position. Having good communication skills is almost a must because this is a job that involves continuous communication with different customers throughout the day. However, there is no formal education or experience needed by the company when hiring new employees for the Retail Specialist position.

How To Apply

Job seekers can’t apply for a job at CNA online on the company website. Thus, you should contact the managers of your local CNA store directly if you want to start working at this famous retail company. When you enter the CNA store, you should find a manager who is currently at the store. Then, you should politely tell them that you are at the store for a job application, and ask whether there are any job openings at the CNA store at the moment. If the manager tells you that there are some vacancies at the store, you will be allowed to submit an on-site application for a job.

Job Application Form PDF

There is no CNA printable job application form on the internet. You are thus advised to directly contact a store manager by visiting a CNA store in your neighbourhood for employment.

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