Ben and Jerry’s Application Online & PDF 2021

Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Holdings, Inc. is an American company that manufactures ice cream, frozen yogurt and sorbet. The company was founded in 1978 in Burlington, Vermont. Since the year 2000, Ben & Jerry’s is a subsidiary of Unilever. Today, there are almost 600 Ben & Jerry’s locations in 38 countries worldwide. There are three factories in the United States. The main factory is in Waterbury, Vermont. Ben & Jerry’s is known to be against using GMO products and offering vegan options that are made with almond milk. Ben & Jerry’s is the major competitor of Häagen-Dazs in the market.

Ben & Jerry's Application Online & PDF

Ben & Jerry’s Jobs and Careers

Nobody can say no to ice-cream. Then what about a job that tastes like ice-cream? Join Ben & Jerry’s now -it may not be your dream job, because this job itself is a dream. Make yourself happy by making others happy here at Ben & Jerry’s. We guarantee that this experience will bring many flavors into your life.

How do I apply for a job at Ben & Jerry’s?

  1. Go to the career website of Ben & Jerry’s.
  2. Find the Current Openings section by scrolling the page down. You can click on the jobs to make an online application for these jobs.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page. Read the background & purpose of the job and what you will do.
  4. If the job seems to satisfy your current needs, click the orange “Apply” button.
  5. You need to sign in or create a Workday account to continue. Once you sign in, you can continue and finish your online application to Ben & Jerry’s.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Sunday-Friday 11:00am-10:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-11:00pm.

Job Positions: Maintenance technician, logistics operator, associate brand manager, assistant store manager, server, cashier, team member, ice cream scooper,

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Ice Cream Scooper: You will be the face of Ben & Jerry’s to customers. You will prepare and serve ice cream to customers according to their order. You will earn $11/hour.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent.

Maintenance Technician: You will maintain, monitor and repair facilities and manufacturing equipment. You will ensure reliable and safe operation of the equipment. In accordance with this, you will plan, perform and oversee preventive maintenance on equipment.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent.

Logistics Operator: You will manually load and unload delivery trucks. You will organize finished products and materials by using forklift and pallet jacks. You will stock and maintain ice cream freezers.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent.

Associate Brand Manager: By working in collaboration with global stores and stores in the United States, you will create programs that are aiming for creating brand awareness among society.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: Bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject. 4 years of marketing, management or market research & analysis experience.

Ben & Jerry’s Job Application Form PDF

You can find the link to the printable job application form of Ben & Jerry’s below this text. Print the form and fill it out by your hand. Then, bring it with you when you walk into a Ben & Jerry’s location in person to make a job application.

The employment application form of Ben & Jerry’s consists of a single page. First, write your full name. Then, write your address and telephone number. Answer a couple of questions and advance to the Availability section. Indicate your total available hours in a week and specify your available days and hours in the schedule that is given. Next, provide requested information about the school you have most recently attended. Provide some information about two of your most reject jobs in the following blanks. Answer the multiple-choice questions about health and legal stuff, then read the statement at the bottom of the page. Write the date of application and sign the form to validate the application. Now, the form is ready to be submitted to Ben & Jerry’s.

Ben & Jerry’s Job Application Form

Ben & Jerry’s Interview Process and Interview Questions

After you submit your application at Ben & Jerry’s, you will be called for an interview if your application is regarded positively. The interview process at Ben & Jerry’s is pretty easy and basic. The interview is held in a relaxed manner. Sometimes, original questions such as how you define yourself as an ice-cream flavor are asked during the interview at Ben & Jerry’s. In addition, your reason for applying to Ben & Jerry’s and what you expect from your job will be asked. After the interview, you will be reached and informed if you get accepted for the job position that you applied for.

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