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A gourmet style of dining based in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Applebee’s has been a steadily growing brand since its inception in 1980.

It was founded by T J and Bill Palmer. It is headquartered at the same place. It is owned and operated by Dine Brands and also has few subsidiaries like GSOT and more.

As of 2016 Applebee’s had expanded to over 2000 locations worldwide including Asia. It is deemed to be supported by over 28,000 employees with much part-time and hourly Applebee’s application from local neighborhoods.

Open Positions: Server, Host,Expediter, Restaurant Server, Restaurant Manager, Expeditor.

How to Apply Applebee’s: Official Site

Applebee’s Job Application

At the bottom of the main site, you get “careers”. This takes you to their job site that still has the menu on the top right corner.

On scrolling below, you can find opportunities segregated into the hourly staff, restaurant management, and support staff at the corporate office.

On clicking on them you are taken to an external Applebee’s job application site probably operates by a third party, while still, you have their menu on the top.

Applebee’s Part Time Jobs

They are segregated as mentioned above. On the page you land above has links to create a profile. This is the beginning of your Applebee’s job application form. Also, you have a list of open vacancies right away.

You have the keyword-based search tool on the previous page, and here as well on the top. Most jobs pay around $5 or $11 for roles like a server, and line cook in the US.

How to Apply for Applebee’s Job?

So, hitting on any of the open vacancies you get the entire job description. You need to read it and hit the apply button nearby.

In doing so, you are prompted to either login or create your account, resume and Applebee’s job application online. Once you are done, you can apply for many jobs.

Applebee’s Job Application Form PDF/Printout

However, there are no offline proposals using Applebee’s job application PDF.

You can use the online account for tracking your applied jobs, getting personalized recommendations and more. Your Applebee’s application form resides online itself.

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