American Eagle Outfitters Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

American Eagle Outfitters is an American retailer of lifestyle clothing and accessories. There are over 900 American Eagle Outfitters stores and nearly 150 Aeries stores that operate in 81 countries worldwide. About 24,000 employees are working at these stores.

American Eagle Outfitters Job Application Form

Job Application Form PDF

Down below in this text, you can find the link for the printable job application form of American Eagle Outfitters. Print it and fill it in ink. Then you can submit it to a store by hand. It is generally better to make an application in person than to make an online application when both options exist.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

How To Apply Online

Also, you can apply for a job at American Eagle Outfitters online via the official company career website. Here, you can see which steps you should take to successfully submit an online job application to American Eagle Outfitters.

  1. Go to the official career website of American Eagle Outfitters.
  2. You can find jobs by keywords or location(s). Click “SEARCH” to see the job listings.
  3. On the same page, you will see a list of relevant job openings.
  4. You can filter jobs by location and category as well.
  5. Click a job title to read more about that job position.
  6. Read your role and responsibilities in that job.
  7. Click “APPLY FOR JOB”.
  8. You need to provide your email address, first name, and last name to continue.
  9. Complete the online application form and submit it to American Eagle Outfitters.

Job Positions

The most basic job categories at American Eagle Outfitters are listed below:

  • Stock Associate
  • Merchandise Team Leader
  • Store Loss Prevention
  • Store Manager

Job Descriptions

Stock Associate

The stock associate position at the American Eagle Outfitters company may be a great job for those who think innovative. You also need to love working independently and fast enough to complete your tasks. Of course, you also need to be willing to be a good team player. In general, you will be responsible for stocking the products.

Besides, you will also handle shipment processing, markdowns, replenishment, and many more relevant tasks. Stock associates must take all the precautions to not disturb the overall operation flow in the company and provide excellent service for timely deliveries. It is also important to follow the company standards to ensure the continuation of the operations properly.


It’s impossible for a trendy youth to be unaware of American Eagle Outfitters today. This store chain is located on almost every corner in crowded cities and continues to provide people with the most trendy clothing and accessories. In order to work at this store chain, whose prices are quite affordable compared to the quality, all you need to do is to apply and tell them about yourself. So you can be a part of the American Eagle team and take part in their mission to dress people well.


After you submit an online or paper application to American Eagle Outfitters, you will be contacted and an interview will be scheduled. The interview process is held at the store. You will be asked questions about yourself and your availability as well as your expectations from the job and your favorite jeans. The reasons for your desire to work at American Eagle Outfitters and your experience in the fashion retail industry will also be asked during the interview. Nevertheless, the interview process is relaxed in general and doesn’t take much time. It is recommended that you dress nicely within your comfort zone. If the interviewers think that you will be a productive store employee, they will offer you a job right on the spot.

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