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A major US airline company headquartered in Texas, American Airlines has been around for some 90 years or so starting in 1936.

It covers 350 destinations and covers a lot of the major hubs fueled by a strong support from 113,000+ employees involved in full-time and part time careers across the globe.

It made a revenue of 40 billion USD in 2016 and operates 6,700 flights daily. It was previously known as American Airways when established in Illinois, the US originally.

Open Positions: Fleet Service Agent, Sales Intern, Coordinator, Crew Scheduler, Pilots.

How to Apply American Airlines: Official Site

American Airlines Jobs

This century keeps people busy. We rarely can have time to see our friends, family and loved ones. No need to even mention travelling to shake the stress off. Sometimes, even if we have some spare time, we cannot travel to the things that we love. Either tickets are expensive or traveling takes long and exhausts you. American Airlines is here to stand against all these hardships. Join American Airlines, and you will feel like the world got smaller!

American Airlines Job Application Online

With the slogan “great is what we are going to” American Airlines offers a thrilling career to the US citizens. The careers section is at the bottom of the first page which is quite small.

This takes you to a search tool in front of you with the airplane wallpaper. There is a link to directly list all open vacancies. The job application process demands you to make an account online before you proceed.

As of Feb 13, 2018, you can view the job description online to find your interests. If you are looking for job application for 17 year olds, this is where you can look for.

American Airlines Part Time Jobs

There are roles at the airport, technical operation, and maintenance where you can look for part time jobs for 17 year olds.

The basic pay for hourly roles varies from $13 to $30 that is almost 3 x of retailing career. Some of them include flight attendant with $30.7, customer service agent at $15, and service representative at $13 per hour on an average in the US.

American Airlines Will Take on Staff

They take on staff, including part time jobs through the job ads. But, you can join their talent community to get to know in-depth about their culture and work ethics.

Also, it offers a special section for the military and location-specific jobs.

American Airlines Job Application Form

The “view all” gets you directly to a job. You click on it and start filling your job application form after logging in. There is no offline manner through a job application PDF for applying.

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