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Company Info

Al’s Pizza is a small but successful chain of pizza restaurants based in Florida. There are currently 5 Al’s Pizza restaurants in total. All restaurants, which are located in Baymeadows, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, Riverside, and San Pablo, are in the state of Florida. Al’s Pizza is thus one of the best-known pizzerias in Jacksonville.

Al's Pizza Application Online

Job Application Form PDF

Since there is no printable job application form of Al’s Pizza that you can use during in-person applications, you can try the online job application options available.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Al’s Pizza. (
  2. You will see an online application form on the page. The form consists of 4 steps. These steps are: Personal Information, Schools, Employment Information, and Signature. You should fill it out completely.
  3. Select the position you are applying for, and select the location you are applying to.
  4. Write your first and last name, phone number, email address, and home address.
  5. Answer the question about your address. Then answer a couple of yes/no questions and indicate your age if necessary.
  6. Indicate whether you are seeking part-time or full-time work.
  7. Answer a couple of more yes/no questions and give explanations if necessary.
  8. Lastly, you can list some skills that you have to show that you are a good employee candidate. Al’s Pizza is hiring only the employees with the most qualifications.
  9. Click the “Next Page” button to advance to the second step of the online application form.
  10. Complete the second, third, and fourth steps, and after you make sure that you have provided all the necessary information, submit the online application form to Al’s Pizza.

Job Positions

At such a genuine pizza restaurant chain, you will surely find a work atmosphere that is just and employee-oriented. In addition to its tasty pizzas, Al’s Pizza is also known for its great work ethic. You can start as an entry-level employee without any experience and in time, you can pursue your career as a supervisor or even a manager. Below are some available job positions at Al’s Pizza:

  • Kitchen Staff
  • Dishwasher
  • Delivery
  • Cashier
  • Server
  • Pizza Maker
  • Management


No Positions Locations
1 BOH Line Cook
Jacksonville, FL

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