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IGA, an abbreviation of Independent Grocers Alliance, was established in 1926 as a small scale grocery store in Poughkeepsie, New York. Over the span of their stay in business, they now have over a thousand stores in over 30 countries.

Each of their stores has a unique environment that matches the interests of the populace of its host community. Still, they maintain that each location has the basic and essential sections such as the bakery, meat section and deli.

Also, each has a dedicated website to help customers as well as job seekers contact any persons of interest.

IGA Hiring

With approximately 1700 store locations across the world, IGA looks to maintain the unique quality of their service in every store by hiring responsible employees that will embody company values and help achieve long-term goals. Five of the most common entry-level and managerial jobs in IGA include:

  • Cashiers handle and complete transactions at the frontend of the store. They scan customer orders, apply any promos and coupons, and handle physical or credit card payments.
  • Floral artists handle customer inquiries and requests on flower arrangements. As such, they must continually learn and discover new flower arrangement to respond quickly and substantially to customers.
  • Clerks manage assigned sections and keep grocery items orderly. They must also attend to any customer inquiry politely and effectively. Furthermore, they are responsible for unloading shipments and keeping the shelves well-stocked and organized.
  • Managers ensure that the employees perform effectively. They also manage customer satisfaction through high-quality service across all sections of the grocery store. Furthermore, they keep track of daily sales and report to their respective district managers.
  • Workers process and pack items for customers. They also refer customers to the right channels for their inquiries and help them find certain items. Furthermore, they provide all-around assistance to clerks and baggers in different section of the grocery store.

Other IGA jobs include the following:

  • Associates
  • Bakers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Assistant managers
  • Baggers

IGA Online Hiring

Applicants may apply for multiple entry-level positions at IGA online. These job vacancies normally accept inexperienced individuals who are looking to start their careers.  They can locate the nearest IGA store and access their job openings and online application portal through http://www.iga.com/consumer/locator.aspx.

IGA Job Opportunities

IGA requires that every applicant for entry-level positions stand at 18 years of age upon application. Moreover, 16-year old applicants with a local government-issued special permit can also apply for entry-level positions at IGA.

Also, IGA offers decent compensation along with ample benefits for part-time and full-time employees. The company also gives them opportunities to step up and get a promotion. The standard benefits that IGA employees get include:

  • Health insurance
  • Paid leave
  • 401(k) plans
  • Holiday Pay
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Apply for IGA

Printable Application PDF/Form: IGA Application

Interested applicants may proceed with online application at IGA through http://myiga.com/employment/. From there, they must click the “Submit Application HERE” button to immediately transport them to the online application portal.

The online application form is composed of standard questions about the applicant’s personal information, educational and professional backgrounds as well as additional information that can help the employer assess the applicants. Similarly, they ask applicants about their experience in the supermarket industry or any previous employment within IGA.

Before submitting the online application form, applicants can attach their latest resume on the dedicated attachment button. Also, applicants must double-check for any missed or incomplete information before clicking the “submit” button.

Processing of applications at IGA usually takes a week. Thus, if IGA has not contacted the applicants after a week, they can personally visit the concerned IGA store and request to speak with the manager to get the status of their application.

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