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An American nonprofit organization, Goodwill offers job training and placement services to youth and unemployed through community-based programs.

Headquartered in Maryland, US it was started in the year 1902 by Reverend Edgar Helms. As of today, it generates a revenue of around 5.1 billion USD with subsidiaries too.

It serves 17 countries for its purposes. Naturally, it’s supported by many full time and part time careers during the course, as well as voluntary workers.

Open Positions: Retail Sales Associate, Cashier, Attendant, Sales Associate, Processor, Store Manager, Store Clerk.

How to Apply Goodwill: Official Site

Goodwill Job Application Online

With a new proposition of donating and create jobs, Goodwill has made a lot of impact across nations. This is an innovative way to find jobs as well as create jobs at the same time.

You can begin the job application process after finding a store or one of the jobs listed. There is the search for current jobs’ link that opens in another window by default.

This has the usual keyword and location-based search tool. Once you have found a job, you are ready to go. There are links for college kids and students looking for job application for 17 year olds as well, including mentorship.

Goodwill Part Time Jobs

The part time jobs for 17 year olds are reserved for entry-level positions because they don’t need any prior experience.

The basic pay for hourly jobs varies from $8 to $13 on an average. For example, sales associates and cashier gets $8.8, donation assistant is paid around $8.9 and the retail sales associate also gets $8.8 on an average in the US.

Goodwill Will Take on Staff

You can search using the above tool or sign up for job alerts and as well keep in touch in general. You can find part time jobs across various categories or create an account. The account shall help you keep track of the same.

Goodwill Job Application Form

The job application form shall be submitted for review. The account holds everything from start to finish, including the online resume. You cannot submit a job application PDF but can use it for uploading your resume.

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