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YMCA, also known as the Y volunteer group, is an American youth organization with the slogan “empowering young people”. YMCA stands for “Young Men’s Christian Association”. YMCA has almost a million volunteers and it is working in 120 beneficiary countries. The organization also has almost 230,000 staff.

YMCA Application Online & PDF

Job Application Form PDF

Below, you can find the link to the printable job application form of YMCA. Click the link to open the document. Print it and fill it out completely with your pen in blue or black ink. Then, deliver it to the YMCA for employment. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the YMCA’s official career website. (https://www.ymca.net/career-opportunities)
  2. Scroll down through the whole page and find the “Open Positions” link. Click it.
  3. On a new page, you will see a search bar and a list of job openings. You can type any keyword in the bar to find job positions that are suitable for you.
  4. Click a job title on the list.
  5. Read the job description, qualifications, and essential functions.
  6. On the left panel on the page, click the “Apply Online” text. This will lead you to the online job application page.
  7. On a new page, you will see a more detailed job description. Read the whole page thoroughly.
  8. On the right side of the text, you will see a short form titled “Apply Now”. Fill it and attach your resume. Then click the “START APPLICATION” button to start your online application to YMCA.

Job Positions

At YMCA facilities, plenty of job opportunities are available to both inexperienced and experienced job seekers.

Jobs at YMCA vary from easy ones that have nearly no prerequisites to complex ones that demand the applicants to have many qualifications. Popular jobs at YMCA include but are not limited to the following job positions:

  • Youth Tumbling Instructor
  • Front Desk Staff
  • Housekeeper
  • Fitness Director
  • Wellness & Sports Director
  • Membership Director
  • Child Care Director
  • Maintenance Director
  • Teacher/Facilitator
  • Lifeguard
  • Aquatics Coordinator
  • Youth Dance Instructor
  • Youth Martial Arts Instructor
  • Before and After School Licensed Child Care-Teacher

Surely there are many other job positions at this large organization.

Job Descriptions

YMCA is working for a good cause, and it welcomes employees from different backgrounds and with different skill sets. If you are looking for a new job but do not have any degree, you can find a job in this organization. Moreover, you do not have to have any previous working experience to get the following jobs too.

Housekeeping Crew

You can apply for the housekeeping crew position at YMCA. You and your colleagues will be responsible for keeping everything tidy and clean for the guests and volunteers. Workers need to be energetic and motivated people as well.

It is important that you can work independently and provide solutions for possible problems. Moreover, you need to lift at least 40 pounds to carry your equipment. You can apply for both positions without any degree requirement.


Do you feel curious about this youth volunteer organization’s reasons for becoming successful in their own areas? YMCA focuses on the idea of developing the young! The activities include athletic classes, a variety of skills and promoting Christianity with humanitarian works. If you want to spend your some focusing on volunteering for other people, or if you want to be a big family that aims to put the practice of the mind and body to an important place in their life, you should be applying for a volunteer job at YMCA to experience it first hand, be fast!

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