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Whataburger Application

Whataburger Jobs and Careers

Whataburger is a large American fast food restaurant chain. Restaurant Team Member is the most popular job at Whataburger. This is an entry-level job that can be held by anyone who is willing to work. In addition to this position, at Whataburger, there are management-level jobs such as Area Manager, Public Affairs Manager, etc.

Whataburger Job Descriptions

Finding a job without any working experience can be a huge challenge. If you suffer from this problem too, then you can consider applying for Whataburger. Besides no working experience, you can get some of these jobs without any degree too. Thus, we have provided two of these popular jobs you can consider applying for right now.

Restaurant Team Member

You may want to apply for the restaurant team member position at the company. As a team member, you may work in different parts of the organization to ensure a smooth process. Your supervisor may assign additional tasks and duties during the day. In general, you will be in touch with the customers, receive their orders, and clean the tables. In case any mess happens for any reason, you will have to quickly clean it to ensure cleanliness too.

Administrative Assistant

Another job you may want to apply for is the administrative assistant. Although it does not require prior working experience, your chances to get the job will be higher if you have any. As an administrative assistant, you are going to be a role model to other team members. Your manager will request daily, weekly – bi-weekly, or monthly reports from you. You need to know how to use Microsoft software such as Excel or Word for this position.

Whataburger Job Application Form PDF

Whataburger has no printable job application form that can be used by making a job application in person. So, all you need to do is find a Whataburger restaurant in your location and go there to see if there are any vacancies in that restaurant.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How do I apply for a job at Whataburger?

Whataburger accepts both online job applications and in-person applications. Whataburger is a popular restaurant chain among job seekers who want to work at entry-level job positions. Therefore, the number of job applicants at this great local restaurant chain is high throughout the year. To increase your chance of getting hired by a restaurant near you, you are encouraged to visit a local restaurant physically and tell the management that you would like to apply for a job in person. The management will guide you if there are job openings at the restaurant.

To apply for a job at Whataburger online, you should go to the official career website of Whataburger. You can either make an online application there or use some job application platforms such as Indeed to make an online application.

Whataburger Hiring

Whataburger is older than most fast-food restaurants in the US, being founded in 1950. It has eventually become a huge restaurant chain with over 820 locations. About 40,000 employees are working at these restaurant locations. Whataburger locations can usually be found in the southeastern and southwestern states.

No Positions Locations
1 Team Member – 1000 Industrial Parkway (Saraland, AL) – Unit # 1128 Saraland, AL
2 RPA Developer San Antonio, TX
3 Restaurant Team Member – 4302 N Navarro St (Victoria, TX) – Unit # 175 Victoria, TX
4 Restaurant Leadership United States
5 Restaurant Team Member – 8101 Dyer St (El Paso, TX) – Unit # 314 El Paso, TX
6 Restaurant Team Member – 905 N Esplanade (Cuero, TX) – Unit # 360 Cuero, TX
7 Field Marketing Coordinator Phoenix, AZ
8 Food Category Manager San Antonio, TX
9 Restaurant Team Member – Early Bird (Overnight) Shift – 509 E Rio Grande St (Victoria, TX) – Unit # 10 Victoria, TX
10 New Unit Construction Project Manager San Antonio, TX
11 Team Member – 300 East Highway 175 (Kaufman, TX) – Unit # 1065 Kaufman, TX
12 Talent Acquisition Professional Dallas, TX
13 Day Shift (6:00am – 4:00pm) Restaurant Team Member – 12424 Tomball Pkwy (Houston, TX) – Unit # 815 Houston, TX
14 Team Member – Houston Inter-Continental Airport, 3100 N Terminal Rd # B-21 (Houston, TX) – Unit # 1049 Houston, TX
15 Restaurant Team Member – Day Shift- – 4408 Little Rd (Arlington, TX) – Unit # 545 Arlington, TX
16 Restaurant Team Member – Day Shift (6AM-7PM) – 4120 S Collins St (Arlington, TX) – Unit # 825 Arlington, TX
17 Administrative Assistant, Field Marketing San Antonio, TX
18 Restaurant Team Member – 5970 Highway 6 (Missouri City, TX) Unit # 1153 Missouri City, TX
19 Restaurant Team Member – 734 E Port Ave (Corpus Christi, TX) – Unit # 900 Corpus Christi, TX
20 Restaurant Team Member – 417 E Gregory St (Pensacola, FL) – Unit # 42 Pensacola, FL

Work at Whataburger

Since eating is a basic need of humans, it is no surprise that big restaurant chains such as Whataburger have lots of customers on a daily basis. The fact that Whataburger is a successful company will help you be sure about you will lead a great life with a successful career. You can easily be one of the 40,000 employees of Whataburger by making a job application to Whataburger today. You can show your interest and talent in serving high-quality fast food on a daily basis by working at Whataburger. Many different job openings are available in Whataburger, so you have many options that you can choose the best job among them.

Whataburger Employee Benefits

Whataburger offers a comprehensive benefits package to its team members and managers. Basic Whataburger employee benefits include:

  • medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • weekly pay
  • performance for pay/incentive programs
  • hourly holiday bonuses
  • a 401(k) savings plan
  • 8 hours of paid sick leave per month
  • 10 to 20 days of paid vacation depending on the years of service.

In addition, eligible Whataburger employees are offered benefits and perks such as:

  • wellness incentives
  • a health flexible spending account
  • discounted gym memberships
  • dependent day care flexible spending account
  • life & disability coverage
  • a quality meal program
  • uniforms
  • an employee assistance program
  • great employee recognition
  • a referral program
  • a merchant discount program.

To learn the specific set of benefits you will be eligible for, contact your local Whataburger restaurant.

Whataburger Company Culture

While Whataburger is specialized in hamburgers, Whataburger buildings have a special architecture: the buildings are A-framed and their roofs are orange-and-white-striped.

Whataburger is famous for serving patties on a 5-inch-diameter bun. This makes the burgers of Whataburger larger than lots of other burgers served by fast-food chains. Patty melt and honey butter chicken biscuits are also popular menu items alongside burgers. The slogan of Whataburger is “just like you like it”, emphasizing the high-quality food that is provided. Whataburger restaurants are usually open 24/7.

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