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On this page, you can read information about job applications to Steers. If you are looking forward to employment at Steers, you will learn how you can apply for a job at Steers. Also, by using the job application form provided on this page, you will be able to easily apply to your local Steers restaurant by yourself.


Steers is a fast-food restaurant chain that is very famous in South Africa. It was founded in 1960. The most popular menu items are burgers, chips, ribs, ice cream and milkshakes. There are 600 Steers restaurants in South Africa today. Many job vacancies are available at Steers restaurants all over South Africa.

Steers Application

Steers Job Vacancies

Below is the list of the most popular job positions at Steers. You can apply for one of these jobs depending on your qualifications, skills, and interests.

  • Cashier
  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Cook
  • Griller
  • Kitchen assistant
  • Kitchen supervisor
  • Assistant general manager
  • General manager

Steers Job Descriptions


If you are willing to be a cashier at a Steers restaurant, be prepared to stand behind the front counter and take customers’ orders during your shifts. This is a job position for everyone, so you can be a Steers cashier without any academic degree. Many students are currently working at Steers part-time to support themselves financially.

Answering various questions from customers about menu items, ingredients, and prices will be among your main duties. It will be your duty to transmit customers’ orders to the kitchen team as well. Indeed, you will take cash and card payments from customers once they have ordered their meals.


You will be working in the kitchen area of a Steers restaurant. Your job will be to prepare the food orders of customers according to the standards of Steers. You will use kitchen equipment such as fryers and grills. You should maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen area at all times. Instead of talking to customers, you will be talking to your colleagues in the kitchen during work. This job requires you to work at a fast pace due to the high volume of customers at Steers restaurants on a daily basis.

Steers Job Application

There is no online job application option on the official company website of Steers. However, you can contact Steers on the company’s Contact Us web page and ask for current job opportunities and the job application process. To successfully submit a question, provide your name, email address, phone number, the Steers restaurant location that you want to work at, and your full question. Then click “SUBMIT”. After you successfully submit your question, you will be contacted via email or phone. You are thus advised to check your inbox regularly after you submit a question to Steers.

Steers Application Online & PDF


Since there is no online job application option on the company website of Steers, it is recommended that you visit one of your local Steers restaurants, find a restaurant manager, and ask the manager for current job openings. The manager will guide you and help you to submit a job application.

Steers Job Application Form PDF

Below, you can find the job application form for applying to Steers. If you want to submit a job application to Steers, print the form and fill it out with a pen. Make sure you have written the job that you want to apply for at Steers. Then, you can bring the application form to your local Steers restaurant for recruitment.

Steers Job Application Form

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