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Speedway LLC is an American gas station and convenience store chain. It is a relatively new company, which was formed just in 2011. Speedway is active mostly in the Midwest and states on the East Coast. Speedway bought the retail unit of Hess Corporation in 2014. Consequently, a total of 1,342 gas stations were added to the collection of Speedway.

Today, there are almost 4,000 Speedway locations in over 20 states. About 40,000 employees are currently working at Speedway locations. Speedway  LLC is reported to be constantly growing each year from the beginning, and it is speculated that the company will continue growing in the upcoming years.

Speedway Application Online

Speedway Job Application Form PDF

As you can apply to Speedway online, you can also apply to Speedway by using a job application form. You can find the application form as a PDF file. In the application form, Speedway asks you to provide information about yourself. It is asked for you to provide information about your personal details, educational background, experience, and other miscellaneous information. After filling in everything, do not forget to sign it and write to date. From there, you need to deliver the application form to your nearest Speedway location.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: CLICK TO SEE THE FORM

Speedway How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of Speedway.
  2. On this page, you can see Speedway’s job offers. In order to search for a specific position or a place, you can type in relevant keywords, select your job category, and select your location.
  3. After narrowing down the list, click on a job offer that is hiring.
  4. On the offer’s page, you can read and learn more information about both position and company. It is advised for you to read through your responsibilities, requirements, qualifications, and other types of information that have been stated by the company.
  5. If everything you have read so far sounds good to you, click on the “Apply” button at the top of the page to apply to Speedway.

Speedway Job Positions

Operating within 36 states with almost 4,000 active locations, Speedway provides a great number of positions to job seekers. In addition to that, even if a job seeker does not have any experience in the field, it is still plausible for them to apply to Speedway’s basic and entry-level positions and get hired. The entry-level positions offered by Speedway are store crew, Blimpie crew, and Subway crew jobs. All of which are beginner-friendly positions with a career starting opportunity, and it is possible to work both part-time or full-time.

  • Specialist Foodservice
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Transport Driver
  • Assistant Manager
  • Manager Cafe

Speedway Job Descriptions

Store Crew

The store crew position at Speedway is one of the positions, where you will be in touch with the guests of the store. Therefore, you need to pay attention to your look and personal hygiene. You will be meeting the customers and providing them excellent customer service to ensure their satisfaction.

Moreover, one of your responsibilities will be keeping the store clean and proving a safe environment for both your colleagues and customers. Following the company guidelines, especially when you are preparing beverages and foods, is highly important to ensure the standard quality of the store. You may also work as a cashier when needed.

Speedway Careers

If you think you are great and young, why don’t you work at a wonderful young company? There are plenty of great jobs at Speedway, waiting for your application! You will be doing a great job in a high-energy environment as long as you work at Speedway. This company will provide you with everything you need in the first place: a special job, a motivating work environment, and a fair wage.

Speedway Interview

Being offered an interview after submitting an application at Speedway is relatively easy. The interview process is also very short and simple. You will be asked for the reason you choose Speedway to work, and your availability for work will be asked. Questions about your work experience may be asked as well. After the interview, you will probably be offered a job on the same day, according to the reports of many Speedway employees.

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