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Sbarro is a popular American pizzeria chain. Today, there are over 800 Sbarro locations in 33 countries. About 300 of these locations are in the United States. Sbarro restaurants are usually located in shopping malls, airports and service areas.

Sbarro Application

Sbarro Job Application Form PDF

Sbarro has no printable job application form that can be found on the internet. Hence, visit the official website of the company to make an online application today!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Sbarro Job Positions

Many part-time restaurant job positions with basic duties are thus available at Sbarro restaurants. No matter what your educational qualifications are, you are welcome to apply for a job at Sbarro. Below is the list of job positions at Sbarro. The jobs are ranked from the lowest level to the highest.

  • Team Member
  • Shift Supervisor
  • Manager
  • General Manager
  • District Manager

Sbarro Job Descriptions


As a server at Sbarro, you are going to serve the guests of the restaurant and ensure their satisfaction. For this reason, you need effective communication skills, take orders accurately, and communicate with your colleagues well. Moreover, you will be serving the orders of the customers when they are ready.

Since you are going to work in a restaurant and be in touch with the customers, you need to pay attention to your looks. Besides, personal hygiene is also very important to ensure customer satisfaction. Your supervisor may request additional tasks from you during your shift and you need to complete them as soon as possible.

Sbarro How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Sbarro.
  2. Enter keywords and city, state, or zip in the search bars. Then click the red “Search” button.
  3. On a new page, you will see the job listings on the left side of the page and on the right side, you will see the description of the selected job.
  4. Scroll down on the left side of the page and find a suitable job position in your location.
  5. Then, click the job to read the job details on the right side of the same page.
  6. At the bottom right side of the page, there is an “Apply Now” button. Click it to start your online application for the job.
  7. Fill out the Questionnaire.
  8. Then, click the “Submit Application” button at the end of the page to finalize the online application process.

Sbarro Careers

A company is just like a tree. Every fall, trees shed their leaves and every spring, they replace them with healthy green ones. Similarly, companies may be forced to work with new people periodically. There’s an important difference though. In a company, you can become a part of the body of the tree, or even the root. This is the opportunity that is offered at Sbarro. You can be a permanent part of Sbarro if you prove yourself. Your journey of employment may start today as soon as you make an application for a job at Sbarro!

Sbarro Interview

The interview process at Sbarro is straightforward. You will be invited to an interview and there will be one or two interviews. You will be interviewed by people in the restaurant management. They will ask you about your ability to work in a small area with many other people, restaurant experience, and communication skills. Business casual attire is required. After the interview process ends, you will be informed if you get the job in the upcoming few days.

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