ResCare (BrightSpring) Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

BrightSpring Health Services is an American people services provider corporation. The main office of the company is located in Louisville, Kentucky. BrightSpring was originally established as ResCare in 1974, in Louisville, Kentucky. The company is specialized in health care, home care, rehabilitation and human services. BrightSpring merged with PharMerica in 2019. There are more than 50,000 employees working for the corporation. BrightSpring provides care services for its customers in all 50 states of the country. More than 350,000 people receive service from the company. In the United States, there are hospitals, care houses and pharmacies that are run by this company as well.

BrightSpring Apply

Job Application Form PDF

There is no BrightSpring printable job application form on the internet. You can submit an online application for a job at this company by visiting the company’s official career website.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the career website of BrightSpring (formerly ResCare).
  2. Click on the “Apply Today” button below of each category after you choose a category.
  3. You can use the search toolbar to customize your search process. Choose a category, position type and location and click on the “Search” button.
  4. You will be provided with a job list. You can choose one of the jobs that you find interesting for you.
  5. You will see detailed information about the job position if you click a job title. After reading the job details, you can click on the “Apply Now” button to initiate your online job application process.
  6. You need to enter your email to continue. After that, you need to provide your personal information, answer all of the application questions and upload your CV.
  7. Finalize your application by submitting the application form to the company.

Job Positions

  • Caregiver
  • Licensed practical nurse
  • Direct support professional
  • Registered nurse
  • Lead care staff
  • Family specialist


There are two types of people. The first type of people care about themselves and the second type of people care about others. If you like to help others, you are encouraged to join BrightSpring as soon as possible. Patients and elderly people need assistance from others and you can help them by working for a wonderful company such as BrightSpring. During your employment at BrightSpring, you will have the chance to put a smile on the clients’ faces. We are social beings and none of us want to be left alone. Apply for a job at BrightSpring and show the people in need that they are not left alone, there are always some people to care about them.

Job Positions & Salaries

Caregiver (Full-time or Part-time): You will perform personal care tasks, including assistance with basic personal hygiene and grooming, feeding, and ambulation, medical monitoring, and healthcare-related tasks. You will be expected to foster positive relationships between individuals served and their housemates. A caregiver is also called a “Direct Support Professional”. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for this job position at BrightView. Also, a high school degree/GED and a valid driver’s license are required most of the time.

Registered Nurse: You will assess the health problems and needs of the person(s) served, develop and implement nursing care plans, and maintain medical records. You will administer nursing care. You will advise the person(s) served and the staff on health maintenance and disease prevention. You should also provide case management. A degree from an accredited school of nursing or a license as a Registered Nurse (current and in good standing) is required to apply for this job position. In addition, being at least 18 years of age, having a valid driver’s license, and having at least one year of nursing experience are required.

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