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Founded in the year 1963, Reasor’s is an American grocery store chain operating only in the United States. Based in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, all of the store locations of Reasor’s, which is 17, are located in the northeastern part of Oklahoma. It is estimated that the number of employee Reasor’s contain in their stores are more than 2,000. The main products offered by Reasor’s are bakery products, meat, frozen foods, seafood, dairy, groceries, liquor, kitchenwares, and many others.

Reasor's Application Online

Reasor’s Jobs and Careers

At Reasor’s stores, there is a large variety of job positions for inexperienced job seekers. Most of the jobs that Reasor’s offers are typical of most supermarkets. Such jobs include the cashier, customer service clerk, overnight stocker, meat wrapper, personal shopper, night clerk, baker, cook, produce clerk, scanning clerk, meat clean up clerk, pharmacy clerk, meat clerk, floral clerk, pharmacy technician, floral designer, meat cutter, cake decorator, dishwasher, and cheese specialist positions. Apart from these entry-level jobs, candidates who would like to be a manager at Reasor’s can apply for a management job position as well if they have the necessary qualifications.

How do I apply for a job at Reasor’s?

On the official career website of Reasor’s, you can apply for a job at your local Reasor’s store online. You can find up-to-date job vacancies on the official career website of Reasor’s. Among these jobs, you can click the job title, then you can fill out and submit an online job application form if you find a job on the careers website that would probably be a great fit. You can also apply online via job search websites such as Indeed or you can visit your local Reasor’s store and apply for a job in person.

Reasor’s Vacancies

No Positions Locations
1 71st and Sheridan – Customer Svc Clk
Tulsa, OK
2 41st & Peoria (Brookside) – Night Center Store CS Clk
Tulsa, OK
3 Broken Arrow – Customer Svc Clk
Broken Arrow, OK
4 Sapulpa – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Sapulpa, OK
5 Jenks – Personal Shopper
Jenks, OK
6 Tahlequah – Personal Shopper
Tahlequah, OK
7 Jenks – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Jenks, OK
8 Sand Springs – Customer Svc Clk
Sand Springs, OK
9 Bixby – Center Store Customer Service Clerk
Bixby, OK
10 41st & Peoria (Brookside) – Meat/Seafood Svc Cntr Clk
Tulsa, OK
11 41st & Garnett – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Tulsa, OK
12 Tahlequah – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Tahlequah, OK
13 Langley – Center Store Customer Service Clerk
Langley, OK
14 Langley – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Langley, OK
15 Broken Arrow – Personal Shopper
Broken Arrow, OK
16 Owasso North – Night Center Store CS Clk
Owasso, OK
17 21st & Yale – Cashier Customer Svc Clk
Tulsa, OK
18 71st and Sheridan – Personal Shopper
Tulsa, OK
19 Management Trainee
Tulsa, OK
20 21st & Yale – Personal Shopper
Tulsa, OK

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