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QuikTrip Application Online

QuikTrip Jobs and Careers

QuikTrip is an American convenience store chain. At the stores, grocery store items are being sold in addition to some fast food. QuikTrip stores are home to many entry-level jobs. Thus, many part-time employees choose a QuikTrip location to work at. Below, you can see the most popular positions at QuikTrip convenience stores.

  • Customer Service Representative
  • Truck Driver
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Cashier
  • Store Clerk
  • Sales Associate
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Night Manager

QuikTrip Job Descriptions

In case you need to start working as soon as possible, then positions at QuikTrip company may be an ideal choice for you. As you do not need a degree to apply for most of them, they will not ask for a degree either. All you need is willing to work for them. Here are some of these popular positions and your duties when you are going to work for the company.


In this regard, you can consider applying for a clerk position at QuikTrip. Applicants can apply for both part-time and full-time positions. You are going to be responsible for running the register and kitchen operation. In addition to this, you may have duties such as cleaning facilities or equipment. Moreover, you are going to stock the coolers and shelves so that customers can find what they are looking for.

Driver Assistant

On the other hand, you can apply for the driver assistant position too. Your duties will include maneuvering and parking vehicles during the delivery. In addition to this, you need to load and unload the products of the company to your vehicles. Besides a driver’s license, you also need to learn how to operate two-wheelers and forklifts.

In general, the second position might be a better job for stronger candidates since you will need to lift heavy boxes most of the time.

QuikTrip Job Application Form PDF

There is no QuikTrip printable job application form on the web. It is recommended that you visit QuikTrip’s official website to make an online job application for this company. As you make your online job application make sure that you provide your personal information, employment history, education level and references as clear as possible. The more professionally you fill out the form, the more likely you will get hired by the company. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How do I apply for a job at QuikTrip?

To make an online job application for a job at QuikTrip, follow these easy steps:

  1. Go to QuikTrip’s official career website.
  2. Choose Store Jobs, Warehouse, Commissary & Bakery Jobs, Maintenance Jobs or Corporate Office Jobs. You can read more information about each section by pressing “MORE”.
  3. If you are ready to apply, click “APPLY” on each section.
  4. Select a market area that you will apply to. Then click “PROCEED TO APPLICATION”.

How To Fill Out QuikTrip Online Application Form

  • Answer if you have a valid SSN/work permit number.
  • Provide your age group.
  • Select job type.
  • Select the job application area.
  • Select position and press continue.
  • Select the hours that you can work and press continue.
  • Check the store areas that you want to work at. Choose your state. Press continue.
  • Answer 30 questions in the job application survey.
  • Answer each question carefully, because, at the end of the survey, it will be stated that whether you have been selected for an interview or not, according to your answers. If you can’t pass the survey, you wouldn’t be selected for an interview, and you can’t reapply within the next 30 days.

QuikTrip Hiring

QuikTrip has 870 locations in the United States, with a major influence on the Midwestern, Southern and Southeastern United States. Over 22,000 employees are working at QuikTrip locations today.


1 Part Time Clerk Macon, GA
2 Driver Assistant (Ellenwood) – 5:30pm-1:30am Atlanta, GA
3 Part Time Clerk Maumelle, AR
4 Part Time Clerk Atlanta, GA
5 Production Worker -Start Time 6am – 2:45pm Ellenwood, GA
6 Part Time Clerk Little Rock, AR
7 Warehouse Selector (JEF) Pendergrass, GA
8 Part Time Clerk Lebanon, TN
9 Part Time Clerk Smyrna, GA
10 Full Time Assistant Manager Macon, GA
11 Part Time Clerk Douglasville, GA
12 Part Time Clerk Alpharetta, GA
13 HVAC/Refrigeration Technician/Equipment Technician Tempe, AZ
14 Production Worker (Belton) Belton, MO
15 HVAC/Refrigeration Technician Columbia, SC
16 Part Time Clerk Goodlettsville, TN
17 Medical Assistant Avondale, AZ
18 HVAC/Refrigeration Technician/Equipment Technician Atlanta, GA
19 Temporary Laborer – Overnight Tucson, AZ
20 Quality Assurance Technician Atlanta, GA

Work at QuikTrip

In contrast to the company name, people can’t get out of QuikTrip stores so quickly. Actually, QuikTrip invites its customers to take a quick trip to plenty of household goods and groceries. Customers love to shop at QuikTrip, and employees love to work here as well. Apply to QuikTrip today, and start your new career at a well-established, trustworthy company.

QuikTrip Interview

After you submit your application at QuikTrip, you will receive an email or a phone call in a few days. There is a math test that consists of elementary school math. Applicants take the test digitally in a QuikTrip office. All applicants should pass the test to start the job at QuikTrip.

Other than the math test, the questions that you will be asked during the interview process are all smooth and easy. Some examples are “How would you deal with a rude customer?” or “What makes you a good fit for the job position that you apply for?”. After they make a background check, you will be hired immediately. No drug test is required to start working at QuikTrip.

QuikTrip Employee Benefits

  • QuikTrip offers its full-time employees health and life coverage with dental and vision benefits.
  • After working for one full year at QuikTrip, part-time employees will also be eligible for these benefits.
  • Financial benefits include a 401(k) retirement plan, Plan Eligibility Requirements for Participation, Employer Profit Sharing Contribution, and Employee Stock Ownership Plan.
  • Depending on years of employment, full-time QuikTrip employees can enjoy 2 to 5 weeks of vacation, while part-time employees should have been worked for 2 years in order to receive vacation benefits.
  • Full-time employees also receive disability, medical reimbursement accounts, child care reimbursement accounts, and sick pay.
  • Finally, the following benefits are offered to both part-time and full-time QuikTrip employees:
    • Christmas Bonus
    • Weekly Pay
    • Credit Union
    • Seniority Awards
    • Tuition Reimbursement
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Free Fountain Drinks/Coffee (while on duty)
    • Free Checking (with a minimum balance)
    • The QuikTrip Cares Employee Disaster Fund
    • Paid Sabbatical

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