Pizza 73 Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

Pizza 73 is a Canada-based pizza restaurant chain that operates only in Canada’s Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Yukon. Since 2007, Pizza 73 is being parented by a Pizza Pizza company. The first Pizza 73 was opened in the year 1985. Pizza 73 is headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta. From Alberta to Yukon, it is estimated that there are 89 restaurants of Pizza 73. Pizza 73 specializes mainly in making pizzas. However, in addition to that, Pizza 73 also offers its customers chicken wings, pasta, dairy-free cheese, and gluten-free pizzas.

Pizza 73 Application

Job Application Form PDF

Pizza 73 doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet. You can submit to Pizza 73 an online application for a job on the company career website.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

You can apply for a job at Pizza 73 on the official career website of Pizza 73. On the career website, you can search for jobs by keywords and location, while also being able to read extensive job descriptions about the job positions that you find interesting. Then, you can submit an online application to the company by filling out the online job application form.

Instead of applying online, you can also submit an in-person application for a job at Pizza 73 by physically visiting a restaurant location and contacting a manager on-site. If there are any recent open jobs, you will be guided by the manager during the application process.

Job Positions

  • Food counter attendant
  • Pizza delivery driver
  • Food service attendant
  • Food service supervisor

Job Positions & Salaries

Pizza Delivery Driver: Your job will be delivering the pizza orders of Pizza 73 customers to their homes efficiently and safely. You need to have a clean record of driving and a driver’s license in order to apply for this position. Age requirements also may apply. In order to pizza delivery, you may be assigned food preparation duties in the kitchen or cleaning duties within the Pizza 73 location.

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