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Operating under the parents Argos and BC, Petsmart is a chain specializing in the sale and purchase of animal products, service, grooming and all.

They have been in business for some 32 years and have grown into 1500+ locations as of 2017 figures. Headquartered in Arizona, it is supported by some 53000+ employees, including full time and part time careers.

Their revenue was around 6.9 billion USD in the previous year. It has been formerly known as Pacific Coast Distribution. With over 7 million lives saved, it has been going strong.

Open Positions: Pet Sitter, Pet Groomer, Cashier, Associate, Stocker, Store Manager, Presentation Manager.

How to Apply Petsmart: Official Site

Petsmart Job Application Online

You can easily find the careers section neatly present at the bottom right column. It takes you to a neat keyword and location-based search engine.

There are 8 categories that you can choose from before you apply. Once you are done, your job application process begins.

As jobs are listed for all subsidiaries you get a whole coverage. You can look for job application for 17 year olds under the student section. They are suitable for entry-level positions for both full-time and hourly.

Petsmart Part Time Jobs

Of course, you can find lots of part time jobs for 17 year olds and beginners at Petsmart through the same tool mentioned above.

On selecting one of the categories you get a list of jobs. The roles such as pet care specialist, sales associate, and cashier get around $9.3 whereas those like support manager and grooming experts get between $13 and $10 on an average across the US.

Petsmart Will Take on Staff

You can learn more about part time jobs and benefits etc. right at the first page. If you decide to join then you can join their community for either hourly jobs or for internship opportunities and so on for getting alerts.

Petsmart Job Application Form

Finally, you have to fill up the details in a job application form submitted online. This is a one-time effort only. Entry-level jobs don’t require any prior experience. You may not get a job application PDF but can track it through your account.


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