Penn Station East Coast Subs Application Online & PDF 2021

Penn Station East Coast Subs is an American restaurant chain that is specialized in serving “East Coast subs”. The first Penn Station restaurant was opened in 1985 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The first restaurant eventually became a chain as there are over 310 restaurants in 15 states today. Penn Station is emphasizing on producing upscale cheesesteak sandwiches that are made from fresh ingredients.

Penn Station East Coast Subs Application Online

Penn Station East Coast Subs Jobs and Careers

Subs are becoming more and more popular among American society these days. This means that each year, more and more people would come to eat at restaurants such as Penn Station East Coast Subs. By working here, you will enjoy serving tastier, healthier subs than average. You will feel that you are doing something meaningful for other people. Apply to Penn Station today and don’t miss this chance!

From the first restaurant in 1985, Penn Station began the evolution into what is now an extraordinarily successful concept that has grown to over 310 restaurants throughout 15 states. Become part of the team that rewards hard work with opportunities to further your career. Penn Station is looking for people with a passion for serving quality food, having fun at work, and delivering amazing customer service. If you think that your future job should be here, apply now.

How do I apply for a job at Penn Station East Coast Subs?

  1. Go to the official career website of Penn Station East Coast Subs.
  2. Select your state. Then select your city. Then select your store location.
  3. Then, there will be a form that includes Contact Information, Desired Position, and Experiences parts. You will also need to select your available hours.
  4. Fill out the form, then click ‘REQUEST QUOTE’ at the bottom of the page to complete your online application at Penn Station East Coast Subs.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10:30am-10:00pm, Sunday 12:00pm-8:00pm

Job Positions: Hourly worker, hourly manager, assistant manager, general manager.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Crew Member: You will be expected to engage customers and provide excellent customer service. You will be expected to work in a team atmosphere where food production, customer service, and cleanliness tasks are completed as a team.

Prerequisite: None.

General Manager: You will be responsible for managing all aspects of the restaurant business including but not limited to customer service, employee management, sales growth, catering, cost control, scheduling, inventory control, cleanliness, and in-store and out-of-store grassroots marketing.

­Prerequisite: 1 year of restaurant management experience.

Penn Station East Coast Subs Job Application Form PDF

Unfortunately, this restaurant chain doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet. You are thus recommended to visit the official career website of the company for employment. Also, you can always visit your local restaurant for more detailed employment information.

Penn Station East Coast Subs Interview Process and Interview Questions

After you submit an application, you will be called by the restaurant management and invited to a face-to-face interview in the restaurant area. There are two interviews most of the time, one with an Assistant Manager and one with the General Manager. They will ask you about your previous jobs, your availability to work at late hours, your personality, your career goals in the long term, and your expectations from your employment at Penn Station East Coast Subs. After the interviews, you will be informed within a week if you get the job.

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