Orange Leaf Application Online & PDF 2022

Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt & Treats is an American self-serve frozen yogurt chain. There are 300 Orange Leaf stores in the contiguous United States, Australia, and China.

Orange Leaf Application Online & PDF

Orange Leaf Job Application Form PDF

Orange Leaf does not provide a printable job application form for potential applicants. You can apply for a job at Orange Leaf by visiting an Orange Leaf store in person.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Orange Leaf How To Apply Online

No online job application can be submitted to Orange Leaf on the company’s own website. Therefore, job applicants should visit a physical Orange Leaf location and submit an in-person application. On the official website of Orange Leaf, it is written that you need to visit your local Orange Leaf for available positions.

If you think that working at an Orange Leaf location is a career opportunity that you shouldn’t miss, you can take some extra steps to increase your chance of being accepted as an employee. For example, you can visit an Orange Leaf location in your neighborhood, find a manager, and state that you are there for a job application. They will guide you through your application process.

Orange Leaf Job Positions

  • Team Member
  • Cashier
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • Store Manager

Orange Leaf Job Descriptions

If you lack a degree or working experience but you need to find a job as soon as possible, you can consider Orange Leaf. Some of the positions in this company have minimum requirements and they can be ideal for you to apply for. Thus, we have compiled some of the most popular job positions you can consider applying for.

Team Member

The first job you can consider is the team member position. This is an entry-level job position. You will be working at the store and responsible for completing the daily tasks. Your supervisor may assign you new daily tasks and duties to complete during your working hours. In addition to this, you will be responsible for the overall cleanliness of the store. People who are going to work in this job must be adaptable and have good communication skills.


You will operate cash registers, prepare frozen yogurt mixes and toppings, set up the topping bar, wash the dishes used in food preparation and maintain the general cleanliness of the store. You will clean the frozen yogurt machines each morning. You will provide customer service by being supportive and fairness-focused toward the customers. You should work cooperatively and collaboratively with your colleagues.

Orange Leaf Careers

By creating memorable treat experiences that are about them every day, Orange Leaf is aiming to make people’s lives sweeter. In addition to physical products such as frozen yogurt or smoothies, Orange Leaf offers freshness to the customers. Indeed, the freshness is coming from the employees. Hundreds of employees are working willingly at Orange Leaf locations, earning a fine deal of money every day. Apply to Orange Leaf, and enjoy the opportunity of having a refreshing and relaxing job!

Orange Leaf does often support communities. It is one of this frozen yogurt chain’s main objectives to improve the living standards of the communities that are served by the company. Orange Leaf stores regularly partner with local charities and organizations through the donation of time, revenue and product.

Orange Leaf Interview

The interview process of Orange Leaf is also one of the basic and straightforward processes. They do not put too much stress on the candidates. In fact, we can easily say that you will be really comfortable in the interview. Of course, you should get ready to talk about your previous experiences and the reason why you prefer the company.

They also ask pretty basic interview questions such as what are your weaknesses and strengths, your personal skills, and so on. It may be a good idea to learn more about the company before you go to the interview since they asked questions about the company to some candidates as well.

Orange Leaf Employee Benefits

  • Orange Leaf employees usually receive no more than a 10% employee discount for yogurt sold by Orange Leaf.
  • Some sick leave is allowed.
  • Moreover, Orange Leaf provides benefits to its employees such as flexible schedules.

To learn all benefits that you will receive as a future employee, contact your local Orange Leaf store because these benefits may vary by location due to the franchising system.

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