Old Navy is an American dress shop company. It is a subsidy if the parent company Gap Inc. It sells clothing and accessories targeting both genders and all ages. Old Navy was founded in 1993 and expanded to over 1,100 locations today. Old Navy was selected as the 5th most admired specialty retailers in 2013.

Old Navy Jobs

Old Navy is one of the largest clothing and accessory firms. It has customers all around the world. If you want a secure job, you are strongly suggested to apply to this company for a job. You will gain better welfare and will be more mentally comfortable because Old Navy cares both their customers and employees. This company sells high-quality products to its customers and it always makes life easier for their employees. If you want to start your new career, apply to this company as soon as possible.

How to Apply

  1. Go to https://corporate.gapinc.com/en-us/careers/old-navy-careers
  2. Search a job opportunity for yourself by using the search bars for “Brand”, “Talent area” or “Location”.
  3. A list of opportunities will appear. Click on the one that is suitable for you.
  4. Read the job description carefully through the page and click “Apply” at the top.

Old Navy Part Time Jobs

Once you have chosen your category you can select the job title and start with the job application process.

The sales associate gets around $9.2 while another specialist like brand associate, cashier, etc. gets between $9.18 and $11. The corporate sector gets a bit more.

If you are looking for part time jobs for 17 year olds search for the entry-level hourly jobs which are always open and seasonal as well.

Old Navy Will Take on Staff

They take on staff through the usual job posting, but Old Navy allows you to sign up for job alerts as well. Alternatively, you can meet wonderful people to learn more about the place and culture. It is same for full or part time jobs, fairly.

Old Navy Job Application Form

You can receive job alerts as per your notifications. Once you fill the job application form online and submit you can track your progress too. There is no job application PDF, however.

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