Portillo’s Restaurants Application Online & PDF 2021

Portillo’s Restaurants is an American chain of fast-casual restaurants. The restaurant chain was founded in 1963 in Villa Park, Illinois by Dick Portillo. Portillo’s Restaurants excels at serving Chicago-style food. The most popular foods of Portillo’s are hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish and Italian Beef. There are 50 Portillo’s restaurants, which are located in 4 states in the Midwest. About 4,000 employees are working at Portillo’s Restaurants in the present day. Portillo’s is famous among the people of Chicago for its cake shake, which is a milkshake with an entire piece of cake in it. Also, the Italian beef sandwich is arguably the most delicious menu item.

Portillo’s Restaurants Application Online & PDF

Portillo’s Jobs

Portillo’s was a tiny restaurant that started to serve in 1963 under the name Dog House in the past. Thanks to its great flavors, it grew day by day and gained new customers. After dinner, the guests can check out the dessert menu to reward themselves with a dessert and drink. Portillo’s also serves food home! To engage in selling plenty of hot dogs and delicious sandwiches and burgers every day, you should consider starting to work at Portillo’s. Apply today and start doing a fun job!

How to Apply

  1. Go to the restaurant career website of Portillo’s.
  2. Search a location in your area according to the instructions on the official website.
  3. From the list, click on a Portillo’s location.
  4. Click on Restaurant Jobs or Corporate Jobs. You will see information about job openings, if there is any.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Every day 10:30am-12:00am. May vary by location.

Job Positions: Guest service positions, prep, manager, cashier, crew chief.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Positions & Salaries

Guest Service Positions: These positions include Cashiers, Order Takers, Customer Service Representatives and Expeditors who work directly with guests. Strong communication and social skills are required.

Prerequisite: None.

Prep: You will prepare food to the highest quality standards that the company has set forth. You will need to follow recipes and maintain high quality in a fast-paced environment.

Prerequisite: None.

Manager: You will operate a high volume restaurant that requires leadership. You should have a focus on providing quality food, and a commitment to excellent customer service. You will motivate and supervise crew members, control costs and build sales. You will create a great team atmosphere at your Portillo’s location to accomplish the task of providing excellent guest satisfaction.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: 21 years of age. High school diploma or equivalent. 2 years of recent experience as a Restaurant Manager in high volume quick-service restaurants.

Portillo’s Application Form PDF

There is a printable job application form of Portillo’s down below. Print it and fill it with your pen, then deliver it to your local Portillo’s restaurant. You will have a higher chance of employment.

Portillo’s Job Application Form

If you have any other questions, you can send an email to help@jobapplicationform.net. All emails are answered within 24 hours.

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