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Nike, Inc. is one of the most famous sportswear companies. Today, Nike is operating worldwide and over 73,000 employees are working currently in various Nike stores throughout the world.

Nike Job Application Form

Job Application Form PDF

There is no printable job application of Nike, of which you can submit a hard copy to a Nike location. Instead, go to the official job application form of Nike, and make an online application.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How To Apply Online

  1. Go to the official career website of Nike.
  2. Click the “SEARCH JOBS” link.
  3. You can make a keyword search for jobs in addition to searching for jobs by brand, career area, and location.
  4. From the list of job openings, click a job in your location that also seems interesting to you.
  5. Read what Nike is looking for, what you will work on and with, and what you will be expected to bring to work.
  6. Click the “START NOW” button at the end of the text to begin applying for the job.

Job Positions

Nike calls its entry-level employees “Athletes” and managers “Coaches”. The most popular job position at Nike stores is the Athlete position. Athletes at Nike stores are essentially Sales Associates. To be a Nike athlete, applicants should have a passion for sports. A sport-related term is used for the supervisor position at Nike stores, which is called Coach.

  • Athlete (Sales Associate)
  • Coach (Manager)
  • Customer Service Specialist

Job Descriptions

Nike is one of the sportswear and shoe giants in the world. The company has numerous stores all around the world and in all cities. Moreover, they constantly look for new employees to hire. If you are planning to look for a new job but do not have a degree, then do not worry. You can always apply for Nike and get a great job.


You can consider applying for a Nike temporary part-time athlete position. Basically, this position refers to the sales associate. This means that you are going to work in Nike stores and greet the customers who are planning to buy the products of the company.

As a sales associate, you need to serve the customers, meet them, recommend products, and provide answers to their questions. It is a quite straightforward job and does not require any degree or working experience.

Customer Service Specialist

On the other hand, you can also consider applying for a customer service specialist position. Your job will be to answer the calls of the consumers and help them with their problems. Basically, you are going to present Nike on the phone, and you need to ensure the satisfaction of customers. It may be a challenging task from time to time.

Material Handler

The material handler position at Nike can be a great choice for many people. You have limited responsibilities such as processing the orders for packing, restocking, checking, and picking. However, you need a good understanding of inventory management and to be able to multitask. Additionally, you will also use various hand-held technologies to keep the track of the inventory.

You will be handling computer data inquiries and processing the orders of customers. The company expects you to perform all these duties by sticking to the general safety principles and the recommended guidelines. Since you may be working with employees from different departments, you also need communication skills.


If you feel young, energetic and fit, good news! We know that you love sportswear. We know that you randomly walk into the Nike stores, just to look around even if you don’t need anything new. You are probably fascinated every time you enter a Nike store. Once you start working at Nike, we’re offering you the chance to be able to see every sport product that comes into the Nike store. Fill out the application form of Nike and be a part of the crew. Just do it!


After you submit your application, Nike will reach you and call you for an interview within a few weeks. The first interview will be held over the phone. If you seem like a promising job candidate, you will be invited for an in-person interview after that. Basic questions are asked during the interview.

The questions are regarding your personality, your tastes, your product knowledge, your customer service skills, and your availability. Nike values integrity and innovation, so you are advised to be prepared before your interview. About a week after the in-person interview, Nike will call you to do a drug test and run a background check. After this, you can finally start working at Nike.

Additional Info

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Nike has donated as many as 30,000 pairs of comfortable shoes for the dedicated healthcare personnel that is working at the hospitals of big cities across the country. The company partnered with a distribution company to deliver these shoes to healthcare personnel working in primarily big cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Memphis and New York City. The company also announced that it will support healthcare workers with 100,000 pairs of comfortable socks to increase the comfort of healthcare workers during work. The reason for this huge donation of Nike is to support our community during hard times. By working at Nike, you can also contribute greatly to our society.

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