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Meijer Inc. is an American department store chain. The company is actually in two types of businesses: department stores and gas stations. Today, there are 242 department stores and 200 gas stations of Meijer. About 77,000 employees are currently employed at Meijer locations. Meijer is one of the biggest companies in the United States.

Meijer Job Application Form PDF

Unfortunately, there is no printable job application form of Meijer on the internet. Still, you can make an online job application to Meijer by going to the company’s job application website.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Meijer How To Apply Online

To see how you can apply for a job at Meijer, read the steps below.

  1. Go to the official career website of Meijer.
  2. Click the icon at the top right corner of the page. A menu will appear. Click the “Careers” link on the menu. From the following list, you can select your employment place such as Stores, Corporate, Manufacturing, etc.
  3. Scroll down on the page. Under the Store Careers title, there are two career options. There is a “Search Hourly Jobs” button and there is a “Search Leadership Jobs” button. Choose either of them and click it.
  4. You will see a map. Select your location on the map.
  5. You will see the list of job openings in the selected location on the map.
  6. Click any job title to see the job description on a pop-up window.
  7. After reading the description, click the “Apply” button in that pop-up.
  8. You will be redirected to a new page. Click the “Apply” button on the new page.
  9. You can autofill the online application form with your resume or you can apply online for the job manually.
  10. After you fill out the online job application form, you should submit it to Meijer.

Meijer Job Positions

Popular job positions at Meijer are:

  • Cashier
  • Clerk
  • Management
  • Grocery Inventory Team Member
  • Stocking Team Member
  • Customer Engagement & Loyalty Specialist
  • Deli Team Lead
  • Gas Station Team Member
  • Store Human Resources Representative

Meijer Job Descriptions

Today, we are going to share two popular positions at the Meijer company you can consider applying for. If you cannot find a job because you lack working experience or you do not have a degree, do not worry. Most of the positions at this great company hire new employees without these requirements. Here are two of these positions you may want to consider.


One of the best jobs you can apply for is the cashier position. You are going to handle the payments. Besides handling cash, you will have to use POS terminals to accept payments via debit and credit card. Moreover, you will have to follow the guidelines determined by the company and help customers with their bagging. Depending on your availability, you will also be responsible for restocking the goods on the shelves.

Gas Station Clerk

You can also consider applying for the gas station clerk as well. You are going to work behind your cash most of the time and help customers to pay for their gas. In addition to this, you will be responsible for all operations in the store. This includes stocking and restocking products, and ensuring the cleanliness of bathrooms and stores. Your supervisor may also assign you additional duties during your shift.

Meijer Careers

Imagine a place where you can find anything that you need. Do one better, imagine you work there and spend your precious time in a place that you love being at. If you have a smile on your face right now, a job at Meijer might be the best fit for you. Then, take it a step further, stop imagining and apply to Meijer for a job today!

Furthermore, it should be noted that Meijer has the certification of Best Place To Work (June 2020 – June 2021). In addition, in 2020, Meijer was on the list of Best Places To Work For LGBTQ Equality. You can be almost sure that you will be welcomed at Meijer as an employee no matter what your background is.

Meijer Interview

There are two different interview processes in Meijer. Depending on which one you are going to attend, the course of the interviews varies. If you are going to attend an in-person interview, then you will be interviewing the store manager. They usually do not push the candidates and ask basic questions.

On the other hand, if you are going to attend the corporate interview process, then you will be taking three interviews in groups. This can be a bit more challenging compared to the in-person interview. However, both interviews are not too much different than any interview you may participate in. Thus, there is nothing to worry about.

Meijer Employee Benefits

Compared to its competitors, Meijer offers a huge set of employee benefits and perks in terms of life, financial, health & wellness, and career.

Meijer’s life benefits and perks include paid time off, the Meijer Heritage Center, service recognition dinners, Years of Service Awards, diversity & inclusion, paid parental leave, child education and child support.

Financial benefits and perks of Meijer include a 401(k) plan, team member discount, flexible spending accounts, short- and long-term disability, life and AD&D insurance, scholarships, adoption assistance, educational assistance.

The health & wellness benefits include tobacco cessation, medical, dental and vision insurance, additional benefits such as accident, critical illness or hospital indemnity, and online doctor visits.

Career benefits include a leadership development program, the mCulture Survey, an intern program, additional training and development programs, and competencies.

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