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Krystal is an American fast-food restaurant chain that is operating in the southeastern United States. It was founded in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 10 states, there are 360 Krystal restaurants, at which over 6,500 employees are currently working. Krystal is known for its iconic hamburgers, which are small and square-shaped. In addition, the Krystal menu includes a breakfast menu, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, milkshakes and more. Krystal is mostly known for its most popular menu item, which are iconic sliders, similar to those of White Castle.

Krystal Application Online

Krystal Jobs and Careers

Krystal Restaurant has values such as respect and integrity. Impressing customers is important for Krystal, so these values help them keep the working atmosphere at Krystal positive and productive. Through living according to its values, Krystal has created a vibrant company culture where ideas can blossom, people can thrive and success can flourish. If you want to work in an environment where employees are the heart and soul of the business, then you will love the culture at Krystal.

How do I apply for a job at Krystal?

  1. Go to Krystal’s official career website.
  2. Click the red “APPLY NOW” button, or scroll down enough to find the “CAREER SEARCH” section. You can search for careers by entering keywords, or by selecting career categories and location.
  3. Down below the career search section, you will see the list of current job openings at Krystal.
  4. Click on a job title.
  5. Read the whole job description.
  6. If you really like the job, click the blue “APPLY NOW” button at the top of the page.
  7. You need to create a talentReef account if you don’t have one. You can continue your online job application to Krystal after you successfully sign in.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 6:00am-1:00am, Friday 6:00am-12:00am, Saturday 24 hours open, Sunday 12:00am-11:00pm.

Job Positions: Crew member, shift leader, assistant general manager, general manager.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Crew Member: You will represent the Krystal brand, as you will be directly interacting with the guests at the restaurant. You will smile and greet every guest. You will take orders from them. Then, you will prepare and serve them awesome Krystal food.

Prerequisite: None.

Shift Leader: You will support the management team by making sure all Crew Members are following company standards. Your aim will be to create wonderful guest experiences. You will also perform Crew Member duties as needed.

Prerequisite: None.

Assistant General Manager: You will support the General Manager. You will role model the core values of Krystal, and make sure your Krystal restaurant has operational excellence.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent. 1 year of management experience.

General Manager: ­­­­­­You will be the leader of the store. You will build the employee team at the restaurant, and lead them by example. You will have to create a fun and flexible place to work. You will make sure the restaurant is achieving sales goals.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent. 3 years of management experience.

Krystal Job Application Form PDF

Below, you will find the printable job application form of Krystal. Print the document and fill it with your pen, then bring it to the Krystal restaurant, at which you want to start working. Your chance of employment will be higher than online applicants, because an application that is made in person seems more personal by the company.

Krystal’s employment application form is 2 pages long. First, provide personal information. Then, provide some general information by answering three questions. Next, state the job position that you desire, whether you want to work full-time or part-time, the date you can start working, and the salary/pay rate you desire. Answer the following question by checking “Yes” or “No”. In the next section, you should provide information about your educational history. List any special skills that you have in the blanks at the bottom of the first page. The second page begins with a section that requires you to provide detailed information about your employment history. Next, give the names, addresses, and phone numbers of three references who are not related to you, and indicate the years known. After that, read the following statement carefully. Sign below and write the date to validate your application. The application form is now ready to be submitted at your local Krystal restaurant. Good luck!

Krystal Job Application Form

Krystal Interview Process and Interview Questions

The hiring process at Krystal does not take more than one week to be completed. First, you will be called by a manager and an interview will be scheduled. The interview takes a really short time. The main focus of the interview will be on customer service. Also, your restaurant experience will be asked. After a couple of personal questions on various topics, your availability to work will be asked. Then, a background check and a drug test will be conducted before you will start your first day at work at Krystal.

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