Kelly Services Online Application

A management consulting company that operates globally, Kelly Services is based out of Michigan, USA.

It generated a revenue of 5.5 billion USD in 2015 and has its presence in many developing countries too. Founded by William Russell Kelly some 72 years ago in 1946, right after the World War II, it is supported by some 8,100 employees today.

It has had a long history of employing staff on a temporary basis and part time careers called “Kelly Girls”. It is basically a staffing agency.

Open Positions: Customer Service Representative, Administrative Assistant, Substitute Teacher, Data Entry Clerk, Warehouse Worker, Office Assistant.

How to Apply Kelly Services: Official Site

Kelly Services Job Application Online

Their main site asks you to choose a country first listing 30 countries so far. You can find the careers section under the “About US” at the very bottom without getting into any of the countries.

This gets you to a search tool with location-based feedback, and a list of jobs segregated into 15 categories right below such as HR, accounting and so on.

After you select any particular job, your job application process begins. You might find job application for 17 year olds through internships if you are lucky.

Kelly Services Part Time Jobs

There are part time jobs for 17 year olds and teens as mentioned above. These are temporary jobs and hourly.

Most of them are under admin and clerical jobs. Some of them are customer service representative, substitute teacher, technical support that pays you between $10 and $12 per hour on an average in the US. You have other options like admin assistant, contractor, home advisor and many more.

Kelly Services Will Take on Staff

It takes on staff for part time jobs, too, through the portal mentioned above. Also, you can sign in through LinkedIn and get recommendations and alerts.

You can apply through LinkedIn as well if you find convenient. It is not a retailer and has desk jobs only.

Kelly Services Job Application Form

You have to fill up the job application form after selecting a job title and create an online resume. Your account needs to be created that keeps track of all the progress. You cannot download any job application PDF of these records.

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