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Welcome to this comprehensive guide on landing a role with EB Games, a subsidiary of GameStop. Whether you are a passionate gamer looking for a dream job or simply seeking a rewarding career in retail, this blog post will guide you step-by-step on applying for jobs at EB Games, understanding their hiring process, and acing the interview. We will also outline commonly asked interview questions and provide insights on the company’s hiring policies.

EB Games Jobs

EB Games Application

EB Games offers a variety of job opportunities – from store associates to management roles, and corporate positions. Store level positions include game advisor, assistant store leaders, and store leader. Corporate positions encompass several areas, such as sales, human resources, IT, and merchandise planning.

Irrespective of the role, all employees are expected to contribute to EB Games’ mission of creating a unique and inclusive culture for gamers worldwide.

Flexibility, a passion for gaming, and excellent customer service skills are key characteristics sought in potential candidates.

EB Games Job Application Process

The application process at EB Games is straightforward. It begins with the candidate applying for a position either online or in-store.

Once the application is submitted, potential candidates may have to wait for a couple of weeks before they are contacted for an interview. This will be followed by an initial phone screen or an in-person interview.

After success in the interview process, a job offer is made. If accepted, the new hire will undergo orientation and training.

How to Apply Online at EB Games

Applying online is relatively simple. Visit the EB Games career page, search for relevant positions and fill out an online application. Ensure your resume is updated and showcases your relevant skills and experience.

It is advised to tailor your cover letter to the position you are applying for, demonstrating an understanding of the role and why you would be a good fit.

Once your application has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent. If your application is successful, you will be contacted to arrange an interview.

EB Games Job Application Form PDF

EB Games generally prefers online job applications, but some stores may also accept physical applications. To apply offline, download the job application form PDF from the EB Games career site.

Fill the form detailing your experience, skills, and references, and submit it in person at the EB Games store where you wish to apply.

Though online applications are more popular, some candidates prefer the offline method as it provides an opportunity to show enthusiasm and introduce themselves in person.

EB Games Interview

EB Games interviews are generally laid-back and friendly. The interviewer may ask about your gaming knowledge, customer service abilities, and conflict resolution skills.

At this stage, it is crucial to demonstrate your passion for gaming, highlight relevant skills and experiences, and show your ability to perform under pressure.

Remember, the interview is not only an opportunity for EB Games to assess you, but also for you to assess the company and if it is the right fit for you.

EB Games Interview Q&A

1. Q: Why do you want to work at EB Games?
A: I am a passionate gamer and admire the mission and culture of EB Games, it’s a perfect blend of my passion and my work ethic.
2. Q: How would you handle a situation where a customer is unhappy with a product?
A: I would empathize with the customer and calmly understand the problem and then go on to offer the best possible solution following the company’s policies.
3. Q: What is your favorite game and why?
A: My favorite game is [game] because [reasons such as game strategy, character development, plot, etc].
4. Q: Share an experience when you faced a conflict at work and how you resolved it.
A: Share an example that highlights your ability to deal with conflicts or issues professionally.
5. Q: What do you think is the most critical aspect of customer service?
A: I believe effective communication, empathy, and patience are vital in providing exceptional customer service.

EB Games Minimum Hiring Age

Most positions at EB Games require applicants to be at least 16 years of age. However, for certain roles, especially those involving responsibilities such as cash handling or managerial duties, the minimum age requirement can be higher.

Remember to check the job posting for any specific age requirements before applying.

Additionally, proof of eligibility to work in the country where you are applying is also a prerequisite.

EB Games Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does EB Games offer part-time positions?
A: Yes, EB Games offers both part-time and full-time positions.
2. Q: Does EB Games hire seasonal employees?
A: Yes, during busy periods, EB Games often hires temporary seasonal employees.
3. Q: What is the interview process like at EB Games?
A: The interview process typically involves a phone screen followed by an in-person interview.
4. Q: Can I apply for a job at EB Games even if I don’t have any job experience yet?
A: Yes. Many store level positions at EB Games are entry-level and do not require previous job experience.
5. Q: How often do raises occur at EB Games?
A: Raises typically occur annually, depending on the performance of the employee and the store.
6. Q: Does EB Games provide employee discounts?
A: Yes, EB Games typically offers employee discounts, although the amount can vary.
7. Q: What is the work environment like at EB Games?
A: The work environment is generally relaxed and fun, with a high emphasis on excellent customer service.
8. Q: How should I prepare for an EB Games interview?
A: Review common interview questions, understand the company’s mission and values, and be ready to display your passion for gaming.
9. Q: What skills are important to work successfully at EB Games?
A: Excellent customer service skills, a passion for gaming, and flexibility are crucial skills to succeed at EB Games.
10. Q: Can I apply to multiple positions at EB Games?
A: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions that fit your skills and career goals.

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