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Welcome to our comprehensive guide about landing a job at IHOP, one of the most renowned family dining chains in the US. Whether you’re seeking your first job or looking to make a career shift, IHOP offers numerous positions from entry-level to management. In this blog post, we will walk you through everything you need to know about IHOP jobs, its hiring process, how to apply online, interview tips, and much more! Read on to explore exciting career opportunities at IHOP and prepare yourself for a fruitful job search journey.

Ihop Job Application Online

IHOP Job Application Form PDF

In some situations, IHOP may require candidates to submit their application in-person using a paper form. For this, you can download the IHOP job application form PDF on their website or request one at any of their restaurants.

The application form contains fields for your personal contact information, job-related history, education, and availability. Be sure to print neatly and use black or blue ink while filling up the form.

Once the form is completed, submit it to the hiring manager at your preferred IHOP location. It might also include a brief face-to-face interview with the manager.

IHOP’s application form for employment consists of 2 pages.

  • Begin filling it out by writing today’s date.
  • Then, write your name and contact information as requested.
  • Indicate also the position that you are applying for.
  • Then, answer some questions by selecting “Yes” or “No”, and provide explanations when necessary.
  • Next, indicate your available days and hours that you will be available to work.
  • Starting with your current or most recent employer, provide a detailed version of your employment history in the following section.
  • Elaborate on your educational background and list three professional references on the second page.
  • Then, read the Applicant Statement. If you agree, sign and date the form.

Now, you can deliver this form to your local IHOP restaurant.

IHOP Job Application Form


IHOP employs over 32,000 employees across its 1,650 restaurants in the US and abroad. From waiting staff to chefs, managers to thermal scanner operators, IHOP offers a wide array of job roles. The company prides itself on providing a vibrant work environment that encourages career growth and personal development.

Part-timers, full-timers, seasonal or career seekers, IHOP welcomes everyone. Some of the popular job positions at IHOP include Server, Cook, Shift Manager, and General Manager. The roles involve responsibilities related to customer service, food preparation, daily operations, and team management.

In addition to in-restaurant jobs, IHOP hires for corporate positions such as IT, Marketing, HR, etc, for creating and implementing strategies for the overall business progress.

IHOP Job Application Process

Applying for IHOP jobs involves an easy-to-navigate process. Begin by visiting the IHOP careers page on their official website. Select the role you are opting for and read the job description and requirements in detail to understand if you are a good fit.

You can fill out the application form online. Provide all required information about your name, contact details, education, work experience (if any), and some behavioral questions to check if you align with the company’s values.

After successfully submitting the application, you can expect a response within two weeks. If your application gets shortlisted, you will be scheduled for an interview.

How to Apply Online at IHOP

To apply online at IHOP, visit the careers section on the IHOP official website. Browse through the various job openings until you find one that suits your skills and interests.

Once you find a suitable position, click the ‘Apply’ button to start the application process. If it’s your first time applying online, you will need to create a new account to fill out the application form. Ensure to provide accurate information about your personal details, education, and work experience.

After filling out the necessary details, you have an opportunity to review everything before submitting. It’s crucial to ensure there are no errors as this could affect your chances of being shortlisted.

IHOP Interview

The interview at IHOP is generally straightforward, focusing on your skills, experience, and behavior. Depending on the role you’ve applied to, it could be one-on-one or in a group setting.

Common questions revolve around your past work experience, ability to handle stressful situations, work schedule, customer service philosophy, and ability to work in a team. Be honest, enthusiastic, and clear while answering these questions.

Remember to dress professionally, arrive on time, and bring extra copies of your resume. Post-interview, it’s a good practice to send an appreciation note to the hiring manager, thanking them for their time.

IHOP Interview Q&A

1- Q: What do you know about IHOP’s history and culture?
A: IHOP, or the International House of Pancakes, was founded in Los Angeles in 1958. It’s renowned for its breakfast menu, especially pancakes, and believes in delivering exceptional guest experiences.

2- Q: Why do you want to work at IHOP?
A: I have always been a fan of IHOP’s commitment to great food and excellent service. I am excited by the prospect of contributing my efforts towards enhancing customer experience at such a renowned platform.

3- Q: How would you handle a difficult customer?
A: I understand that handling tough customers comes with the food service job. I believe in maintaining calm and dealing patiently, trying to understand the issue and resolving it effectively and professionally.

4- Q: Do you have prior experience in food service or hospitality?
A: Yes/No. I have worked at XYZ job where I gathered experience in handling customers, maintaining cleanliness, and working in a team.

5- Q: Are you comfortable with working on weekends and holidays?
A: Absolutely, I understand the nature of this industry and am flexible with my availability including weekends and holidays.

IHOP Minimum Hiring Age

The age requirement to work at IHOP largely depends on the job position. For entry-level jobs such as Hosts, Bussers, and Dishwashers, the minimum age required is 16 years. However, other positions like Servers or Cooks, the minimum age requirement is usually 18 years.

Always check the age requirement in the job description before applying. Remember, providing truthful information about your age is crucial.

Please note that the age requirement can vary by state due to labor laws, and in case of underage applicants, a work permit may be required.

IHOP Frequently Asked Questions

1- Q: What is the work environment like at IHOP?
A: The work environment at IHOP is fast-paced and dynamic, especially during meal times. However, IHOP ensures an inclusive, respectful, and collaborative work culture.

2- Q: Does IHOP provide training to new hires?
A: Yes. IHOP provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of the job role, industry standards, customer service, and food safety guidelines.

3- Q: Are there any advancement opportunities at IHOP?
A: Yes. IHOP believes in internal promotions and offers numerous advancement opportunities to its deserving employees.

4- Q: How often do pay increases happen at IHOP?
A: The frequency of pay increases at IHOP could vary by location and positions. Generally, employees may get a raise after performance reviews.

5- Q: What benefits does IHOP offer to its employees?
A: IHOP’s benefits may vary by position and length of service but typically include flexible scheduling, meal discounts, healthcare benefits, retirement plans, and paid time off.

6- Q: Can I apply for more than one position at IHOP?
A: Yes, you can apply for multiple positions that match your skills, experience, and interests.

7- Q: What skills does IHOP look for in candidates?
A: IHOP looks for candidates with strong customer service skills, team orientation, problem-solving skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and good communication skills.

8- Q: How long does the hiring process take at IHOP?
A: The hiring process’s span varies but generally, it could take between 1-2 weeks from application to job offer.

9- Q: Does IHOP conduct background checks?
A: Yes, IHOP conducts background checks and drug tests in some cases. The processes are conducted in compliance with federal and local laws.

10- Q: When does IHOP pay its employees?
A: IHOP employees usually receive their pay bi-weekly. However, this may vary based on the specific restaurant or position.

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