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Game is a retail store chain based in South Africa. It is the largest discount retailer in Africa as well. The first Game store opened in 1970. Today, Game is owned by the Massmart company, and there are 150 Game stores in 12 countries in Africa. The majority of the Game stores are located in South Africa. Non-perishable products such as electronics, DIY, home improvement, household, and more are sold at Game stores.

Game Application

How do I apply for a job at Game?

Game doesn’t offer any online job application option on its own company website. The most convenient way of applying for a job at Game is visiting a store, finding a manager, and making them an employment inquiry. The manager will inform you about the current vacancies at the store location, and if there is any opening at the moment, you will be allowed to submit an application for a job at the store. You can find your local Game store(s) by using the company’s store locator tool.

Game Job Vacancies

The most popular store job positions at Game are cashier, retail store associate, and frontliner. These positions are considered entry-level jobs, so you can feel free to apply for a basic store job at Game even if you don’t have any previous employment experience. If you manage to get hired, you will learn everything you during the training session.

Cashiers typically operate the till at the front end of the Game store. As a retail store associate at Game, you will be walking on the sales floor of the store and providing customer assistance throughout your shift. You may also be assigned other basic store duties such as stocking, merchandising, cleaning, etc. As a frontliner, you will also provide customer assistance. You should have a general knowledge about the products sold by Game, if your position requires you to provide customer assistance.

If you are a job seeker who has comprehensive retail experience and a decent level of education, you can also apply for a management-level job at Game such as assistant manager or general store manager.

Game Job Application Form PDF

Game doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet. Visit your local Game store and contact the store manager for employment.

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