FreshStop Application Online & PDF 2023

Company Info

FreshStop is a convenience store chain in South Africa. FreshStop stores are typically co-located with Caltex gas stations in South Africa. FreshStop stores are known for being open 24 hours long, which provides a limitless shopping experience to customers. Groceries, hot food and drinks are sold at FreshStop locations all day long. There are about 325 FreshStop stores in South Africa at the present time.

FreshStop Application

Job Positions

  • Cashier
  • Store associate
  • Store management

Job Descriptions


The most common job position at FreshStop stores is the Cashier position. In addition to handling cash transactions at the till, Cashiers at FreshStop do basically everything at the store, from preparing food and drinks to providing in-store customer assistance regarding the products sold at the store. This is an entry-level job, so you can apply for a Cashier position at FreshStop even if you don’t have any previous employment experience.

Store Manager

You will oversee the operations in the FreshStop store you manage. You will hire and train new store employees whenever needed. You will monitor the performance of employees and make sure that the order of the store is maintained. Since this is a higher-level job, a high level of education and/or experience are typically needed from job applicants.

How To Apply

FreshStop doesn’t have a career website that job seekers can use to submit an online job application. You thus have two options to make an employment inquiry to FreshStop. You can either contact the company via the contact form on the official website of FreshStop, or you can go to a FreshStop store location, find a manager, and ask them for employment information. The manager will provide you with information about current job positions at the store and about the hiring process.

Job Application Form PDF

FreshStop doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the web that in-store job applicants can use. For this reason, it is recommended that you directly contact the store manager by going to a FreshStop store located near your home to make a job inquiry.

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