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Food Basics

Food Basics is a Canadian supermarket chain that is operating in Ontario with its 130 stores. The supermarket chain was established by its owners in 1995 to compete with No Frills, which is selling groceries at a greatly discounted price. The current slogan of the supermarket chain is “Always more for less!”. Since 2005, the parent company of Food Basics is Metro Inc., which is a major competitor of Loblaw Companies.

Food Basics Application

Food Basics Job Positions

As in a typical supermarket chain, jobs at Food Basics stores are generally part-time and entry-level. Most of the positions are available to every job seeker regardless of any special qualifications. These job positions include Grocery Clerk and Cashier.

For job seekers with sufficient training, there is the Pharmacy Assistant position at Food Basics pharmacy stores.

Management-level jobs such as Assistant Manager and Store Manager are also available at Food Basics stores.

Food Basics Job Descriptions

Grocery Clerk / Cashier

You will ensure the quality and freshness of products on the shelves within the store. You should be an expert in-store personnel to ensure that all customers have a positive shopping experience. You will be expected to be knowledgeable of the sold products and competitive prices.

Pharmacy Assistant

You will perform all aspects of the technical act of dispensing. You will receive prescription refill requests and verbal prescriptions. You will establish and maintain patient profiles, and scans, and files patient records. You will also provide customer assistance with merchandise on the sales floor and at the cash register. Being enrolled in a Pharmacy Assistant Program, 2 years of experience in retail pharmacy, and proficiency with current PC systems, MS Office programs, and pharmacy software (Kroll) are required to apply for a Pharmacy Assistant position at Food Basics.

Food Basics Job Application Form PDF

There is no Food Basics printable job application form on the web. You are thus advised to submit an online application for a job at Food Basics, or simply visit a Food Basics store and ask the store manager for current job openings at the store location.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Food Basics How To Apply Online

If you prefer to quickly submit an online application for a job at Food Basics, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the career website of Metro Inc., which is the parent company of Food Basics.
  2. This page will show you job openings at Food Basics stores across Canada.
  3. You can search for specific jobs by writing keywords and a postal code into the search bars. Click “Search Jobs” to see only relevant job offers.
  4. You can also sort jobs by job title, position type, location, and department by clicking the links above the job list.
  5. Click the job title of a job offer on the list to learn more about that job.
  6. Read the job summary and general qualifications that are needed in order to apply for that job position.
  7. Click the red “Apply now” button and then select one of the two links that will appear next to the button.
  8. You will find the online job application form. Attach your CV and a cover letter to the application form by uploading them. Then, provide your personal information, work availabilities, and work experience, answer application questions, and complete the declaration section.
  9. Click “Apply” to send the application to the company.

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