Extreme Pita Application Online & PDF 2023

Extreme Pita

Extreme Pita is a Canadian fast-food restaurant chain. There are 175 Extreme Pita restaurants across North America. About 2,000 employees are working for Extreme Pita today. The most popular menu items at Extreme Pita restaurants are pita wraps, pita pizzas, and salads.

Extreme Pita Application

Extreme Pita Job Application Form PDF

Extreme Pita doesn’t offer any printable job application form on the internet for the use of in-person job applicants. You are thus encouraged to directly visit an Extreme Pita restaurant and contact a manager within the restaurant.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Extreme Pita How To Apply Online

There isn’t any online job application option for Canadian job seekers on Extreme Pita’s own website. Therefore, you should contact your local Extreme Pita restaurant by yourself for employment. You can do it either by phone or by email.

Or instead of doing these, you can directly go to your local Extreme Pita restaurant and find a manager currently there, and ask them for information about current job openings. They will help you with the application process if there is a need for new employees at the moment.

Extreme Pita Job Positions

Various entry-level job positions are available at Extreme Pita locations. Some examples of these positions are

  • Food service associate
  • Cook
  • Cashier
  • Counter attendant

Extreme Pita Job Descriptions

Food Counter Attendant / Cashier

This is one of the most common job positions at an Extreme Pita restaurant. You will take customers’ orders and serve them food at the counters. You will portion and wrap foods, keep records of the quantities of food used, and prepare, heat and finish simple food items. You will use manual and electrical appliances to clean, peel, slice and trim foodstuffs. You will package take-out food upon request. In addition, you will stock refrigerators.

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