COBS Bread Application Online & PDF 2022

COBS Bread Jobs and Careers

COBS Bread is a bakery chain that is owned by Australian Bakers Delight. Naturally, the most common job position at COBS Bread is Baker. Below are different positions, most of which are positions related to the Baker position.

  • Baker
  • Baker’s Apprentice
  • COBS Bread Sales Assistant
  • Assistant Bakery Manager
  • Midnight Baker
  • Bakery Production Lead
  • Bakery Team Lead

There are 700 COBS Bread locations in several countries across the world. About 125 of these locations are in Canada. There are many COBS Bread locations in the United States as well. COBS Bread has recently won the award of Great Place To Work Canada 2022.

How do I apply for a job at COBS Bread?

  1. Go to the career website of COBS Bread.
  2. Click the “APPLY NOW” button.
  3. You will see the retail careers at COBS Bread on a new page.
  4. On that page, you can filter jobs on the left panel and you can see the job listings on the right panel.
  5. You can filter jobs by selecting a province or state first, then selecting a city, then selecting a position type.
  6. On the list of jobs, click a job title to read more about that particular position.
  7. A new tab will open.
  8. Read the company description, job requirements, benefits, and accessibility info.
  9. Then click “APPLY NOW”.
  10. You will see the online job application form of COBS Bread. Fill it out, upload your resume, and answer a couple of questions about your eligibility to work in Canada and transportation.
  11. Click “Submit application” to finalize the online job application process.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

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