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Claire’s is an American retailer of jewelry and accessories. The target audience of the company is kids, tweens, teens and young women. Claire’s is operating 2,220 stores in North America and Europe in the present day. It is also operating nearly 7,400 stores in 43 countries on other continents. Claire’s also operates under the “Icing” brand name. There are 200 Icing stores in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico that are operated by Claire’s. Icing is selling products to women in their 20s.

Claire's Application Online & PDF 2019

Claire’s Jobs and Careers

The most flamboyant ornamentation of women is their accessories. Women never want to compromise on their accessories. Claire’s offers every accessory that has different models and colors that women want. These accessories include hair accessories, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings and bags. Claire’s also sells beautiful home accessories, technological accessories and stationery. If you want to pamper yourself and want to buy sweet gifts for your loved ones, you should definitely visit Claire’s stores. The same is true for working at Claire’s. By working at this fascinating company, you will enjoy selling fancy accessories and other stuff to plenty of beautiful customers.

How do I apply for a job at Claire’s?

  1. Go to the official career website of Claire’s.
  2. On the top right of the page, you will see a search bar.
  3. You will find the list of jobs at Claire’s.
  4. Click on a good-looking job.
  5. Read the text about the role, about you and about Claire’s.
  6. If you are satisfied, click on “APPLY FOR THIS JOB”.
  7. Enter your email. Press “GO”. Then enter your first name and last name. Then press “START YOUR APPLICATION”.
  8. Read the privacy statement. If you agree, click on “I Accept”.
  9. Then you need to register on the website to proceed. It will take a short time. After you register and successfully sign in, you can start filling out the online application form of Claire’s.

Basic Information

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10:00am-9:30pm, Sunday  11:00am-6:00pm

Job Positions: Sales associate, third key, field merchandiser, assistant store manager.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Sales Associate: You will deliver sales through friendly and efficient customer service. You will ensure the customers of Claire’s have a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. You will process store deliveries, visual merchandising, stock takes, markdowns and promotions within the store.

Prerequisite: 1 year of retail experience.

Assistant Store Manager: You will keep the store running smoothly. You will drive the Sales Associates to work effectively at the store. You will inspire your store team to deliver the finest level of customer service.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent. 1 year of retail experience.

Claire’s Job Application Form PDF

Below on our website, you can find the printable job application form of Claire’s and Icing by Claire’s. Make sure that you check the respective box to determine the brand that you want to start working at.

Claire’s application form for employment is only one page long. First, check the division you are applying with. Then, write today’s date, the job position you are applying for, the location of your desired store, your employment preferences (such as part-time, full-time, or seasonal), the hours you are available to work, the date you will be available to start working, and the salary that you desire. Then, provide your personal information. If you are applying for a position that requires driving, fill in the following section. If not, skip that section. Answer some questions about your employment and application status. Then, provide information about your educational history. Read the Application Release, sign the form and date it. You can now submit this form to your local Claire’s store.

Claire’s Job Application Form

Claire’s Interview Process and Interview Questions

The interview process at Claire’s is straightforward and simple. First, you may receive a phone call and then you will go to a face-to-face interview. Claire’s values authenticity so you are advised to dress well on the interview day. Questions about your style, preferences, interpersonal skills and fashion retail experience will be asked first. Also, your response to problematic customer situations will also be asked. You should provide thoughtful answers to these questions and try to present yourself as an eligible employee candidate but lying is not recommended. Finally, your availability will be asked. At the end of the interview, you will be told that in the upcoming days, you will receive a phone call or email regarding your employment.

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