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Circle K

Circle K is a Canadian convenience store chain. Circle K is a subsidy of the Canadian Alimentation Couche-Tard company since 2003. Circle K is operating in 20 countries in North America, Asia and Latin America today. Employing over 40,000 people, there are 15,000 Circle K locations in total, of which about 3,000 are located in the United States. It is one of the greatest convenience store chains in the country.

Circle K Application Online

Circle K Job Application Form PDF

Unfortunately, Circle K does not provide any printable job application form for in-person job applicants. Therefore, you are advised to apply to Circle K online by going to the official career website of Circle K.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Circle K How To Apply Online

  1. Go to Circle K’s career website.
  2. Search for jobs by job title and/or location. Click the magnifying glass icon to see the results.
  3. You will see relevant jobs as a list on a new page.
  4. By using the Refine Search option on the left side of the page, you can filter jobs by category, country, state, city, postal code, and store number.
  5. Click a job title to read the job’s full description.
  6. Click “APPLY NOW” below the page.
  7. You need to register and then sign in on the new web page to be able to fill out the online job application form.

Circle K Job Positions

Popular jobs at Circle K locations are:

  • Foodservice associate
  • Car wash attendant
  • Car wash manager
  • Maintenance technician
  • Store manager
  • Store supervisor
  • Retail & food assistant
  • Customer assistant
  • Food assistant
  • Deli supervisor

Circle K Job Descriptions

Circle K has 14,200 stores in around 26 countries and also has 124,000 employees. If you are interested in working at this company, you can apply for a job even you don’t have a high school diploma or relevant work experience. Circle K has a fun and dynamic environment, and you will learn everything about your position once you manage to get hired at Circle K.

Sales Associate

Circle K constantly hires Sales Associates. This position is available full-time or part-time. If you get this job, you will run the register, contact customers, and work outside and inside the store for organizing stuff. You have to be good at interacting with people, be a fast thinker, and have the motivation to achieve targets and goals. You will work with a creative, fun, and energetic team at Circle K.

Customer Service Representative

Another popular entry-level position is Customer Service Representative. This position is also available full-time or part-time. If you want to work at this job you have to be friendly, have great ideas for solving problems and provide excellent customer care. You will greet the customers, recommend products to the cashier, and help with everything about the store.

Circle K Careers

Circle K is one of the greatest convenience store chains in the world, while standing for being one of the greatest employers of entry-level job seekers. Under the wings of the huge ACT company, Circle K provides wonderful products to its customers, and even more wonderful job opportunities to its employees. Join Circle K, and live the dream as a new employee of Circle K.

Circle K Interview

After you submit an application, you will be called for an interview in one or two days because there are almost always open job opportunities at Circle K locations. The interview is held at a Circle K location and is easy.

Why you want to work at Circle K, an example of a situation in which you handled a problematic customer well, an example in which you provided outstanding customer service, your strengths and weaknesses, and goals in the future may be asked in the interview.

The background check that is conducted after the interview may take some time but eventually, you will get hired if you don’t do anything wrong during the interview.

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