Choppies Application Online & PDF 2022

Choppies is a supermarket chain based in Botswana that is also operating in South Africa. The first Choppies store was opened in 1986 in Botswana. Today, there are 250 Choppies stores in many southern African countries including South Africa. About 17,000 people are employed by Choppies. Currently, there are 60 Choppies stores in South Africa. Choppies has three formats in total, which are Hyper Stores, Super Stores and Value Stores. In addition to food products, general merchandise is also sold at Choppies stores.

Choppies Application

How do I apply for a job at Choppies?

You can see current vacancies at Choppies on the official career website of the company. If there are job openings at the moment, you can apply for them online on the career website. If there are no current job openings listed on the official company website at the time you look, you can contact the managers of your local Choppies stores and ask them for information about whether there are current employment opportunities at the stores. You will be informed by the managers.

Choppies Job Vacancies

The most popular job positions at Choppies stores are cashier and sales associate. Both of these are entry-level job positions that require the employees to interact with customers on a daily basis. No retail experience is needed if you want to apply for one of these positions.

There are also management-level positions at Choppies stores such as assistant manager or general manager. If you are applying for a management-level position, you should be a highly qualified candidate to be hired by Choppies.

Choppies Job Application Form PDF

There is no Choppies printable job application form that is provided on the internet for the use of in-store job applicants. You can either apply for a job at Choppies online on the company career website or in-store by going to a physical store location.

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