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Here, information about the job application process at Choppies is provided. If you are wondering how you can apply for a job at Choppies, you can learn that by reading below. Also, there is a summary of the popular jobs at Choppies stores. You can additionally find the printable job application form that you can utilise when you apply for a job at your local Choppies store.


Choppies is a supermarket chain based in Botswana that is also operating in South Africa. The first Choppies store was opened in 1986 in Botswana. Today, there are 250 Choppies stores in many southern African countries including South Africa. About 17,000 people are employed by Choppies. Currently, there are 60 Choppies stores in South Africa. Choppies has three formats in total, which are Hyper Stores, Super Stores and Value Stores. In addition to food products, general merchandise is also sold at Choppies stores.

Choppies Application

Choppies Vacancies

Typical supermarket job opportunities are available at Choppies stores. For beginner-level jobs such as cashier and sales associate, the company doesn’t require the applicants to have advanced skills. In contrast, to be a Choppies manager, you need to have some proven qualifications.

  • Cashier
  • Sales associate
  • Assistant manager
  • General manager

Job Descriptions


You will be sitting at the checkout point of the Choppies store. Your job will be scanning items that were bought by the customers and telling them how much their purchase costs in total. There isn’t any high educational requirement for this job position, but you should be able to calculate how much money you should keep and how much money you should give back to the customer during cash transactions. You won’t be physically very active in this job position.

Sales Associate

This is also an entry-level job position similar to cashier. In contrast to cashier, a sales associate is constantly active on the sales floor of the supermarket. As a sales assistant at Choppies, your duties will include organising the stocks on the shelves, cleanliness activities, and customer assistance. Many young job seekers apply to Choppies for the sales assistant position because this job suits students and part-time job seekers well.

Choppies Job Application

You can see current vacancies at Choppies on the official career website of the company. If there are job openings at the moment, you can apply for them online on the career website. If there are no current job openings listed on the official company website at the time you look, you can contact the managers of your local Choppies stores and ask them for information about whether there are current employment opportunities at the stores. You will be informed by the managers.

Choppies Job Application Form PDF

If you cannot apply to Choppies online for a job, you can use a printout of a job application form to apply to Choppies. Below is the link to the PDF of the job application form that you can use. Print it and fill it out properly with a pen. As the final step, you should deliver the job application form to your local Choppies store for employment. All you need to do then is to wait for the managers to call you back upon your application.

Choppies Job Application Form

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