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Carl’s Jr. is a huge American fast food restaurant chain that is operating as a multinational. It was founded in 1941 in Los Angeles, California. There are about 1,500 Carl’s Jr. locations in 44 states and 39 other countries on various continents. Carl’s Jr. is a subsidiary company of CKE, which also is the owner of another fast-food chain called Hardee’s. Carl’s Jr. is mostly known for its delicious hamburgers, french fries, chicken, salads and soft drinks.


Franklin, TN
Revenue $25M to $100M (USD)
5,001 to 10,000
Industry Restaurant & Food Service

Carl’s Jr. Application

Carl’s Jr. Jobs and Careers

Carl’s Jr. is here to serve people! This sentence is not just for its customers. This is also for its employees. In order to serve the customers in the best way possible, Carl’s Jr. knows how to treat employees likewise. If you’re looking for a job where you will be treated like a friend, a friend who’s also getting paid fairly, apply for a job at Carl’s Jr. today!

The parent company of Carl’s Jr. has recently begun to use Virtual Reality to test the new menu items and new restaurant design ideas easily. By using this system, the company facilitates an easier way to provide limited-time-offers to customers and design a user-friendly kitchen layout. This is aimed to help the employees in the restaurants because making it easier to use the kitchen equipment will result in greater employee efficiency. Carl’s Jr. is now able to use the latest technology to make improvements in its menu and kitchens. In addition to saving time and money, Virtual Reality is expected to increase employee retention at Carl’s Jr. a great amount. This is definitely a great time to work at Carl’s Jr!

How do I apply for a job at Carl’s Jr?

  1. Go to the official career website of Carl’s Jr.
  2. Choose one of the three job type options at the right of the page.
  3. You will be provided with the list most suitable for you. Choose one of them.
  4. Click the “Learn More” button.
  5. If the details make you feel satisfied, click the “Apply for Job” button.
  6. To proceed, you will have to enter your information.
  7. Finalize your online job application.

Carl’s Jr Vacancies

Positions Location Apply URL
Crew Person – 2021 – #233
Hemet, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #202
Riverside, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #522
Perris, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #628
Santa Ana, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #364
Lynwood, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #475
Oxnard, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #311
Sun Valley, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #408
Los Angeles, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #668
Ontario, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #183
Ventura, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #114
Inglewood, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #230
Costa Mesa, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #70
Corona, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #8
Camarillo, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #653
San Bernardino, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #512
Anaheim, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #145
Westlake Village, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #86
Culver City, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #248
Fontana, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #7
Bell, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #143
Port Hueneme, CA
Crew Leader
Greenfield, CA
Crew Person – 2021 – #392
Orange, CA
Guest Relations Specialist
Franklin, TN
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #6
Garden Grove, CA
VP, HR Field Operations
Franklin, TN
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #329
Bellflower, CA
CREW PERSON – 2021 – #650
Glendale, CA
Digital Strategy Specialist
Franklin, TN
Crew Person – 2021 – #115
Santa Monica, CA
AP Analyst
Franklin, TN

Minimum Age to Work: 16

Hours of Operation: Always open.

Job Positions: Crew person, special events staff, shift leader, general manager, district manager.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Job Positions & Salaries

Crew Person: You will ensure guest satisfaction, by following the guest service guidelines of Carl’s Jr. brand. You will cook hamburgers and other food, serve them in a friendly manner, and receive payments from the guests. You need to pay extreme attention to food safety and quality aspects.

Prerequisite: None.

Special Events Staff: You will cook hamburgers, sandwiches, etc., and bag the orders. You will clean the restaurant area periodically. You should be excellent at communications with guests of Carl’s Jr.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or GED is not necessary but preferred.

Shift Leader: You will be the assistant to the general manager of the restaurant. You will help in executing the business plan of the manager. You will train the employee team and supervise them while working. You will be the leader and role model of the crew members.

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent.

General Manager: You will be responsible for creating a peaceful and productive environment at your restaurant. You should always take care of the customers by their needs. You will be the decision-maker of every process in your restaurant, including food safety.­­­­­­

Prerequisite: High school diploma or equivalent. 3 years of management experience.

Carl’s Jr. Employee Benefits

There are some benefits that are offered to Carl’s Jr. employees at the restaurants. Carl’s Jr. employee benefits include semi-flexible work hours, some paid time off for eligible employees, and employee discounts (some free food and/drinks). However, there is little paid time off. The benefits package varies depending on restaurant location, so it would be useful to contact the restaurant manager of your local Carl’s Jr. restaurant if you want to learn whether you will be offered insurance, any retirement plan, etc.

Carl’s Jr. Job Application Form PDF

Carl’s Jr. has no printable job application form pdf on the web. Rather, visit the official job application web page of Carl’s Jr. and make an online application. Best of luck!

Carl’s Jr. Interview Process and Interview Questions

Due to the relatively high staff turnover rate at Carl’s Jr. restaurants, applicants are usually offered an interview soon after they apply for a job. During the interview, they will ask you how well you in handling problematic customers are and what your available hours to work are. A flexible schedule will be good. The interview process does not take too long, and after the interview, they offer you the job. They don’t require you to do a drug test as well. If you are offered a job, you will also be informed about the orientation and training processes.

Which states have a Carl’s Jr. restaurant?

Carl’s Jr. is famous mainly on the West Coast. Almost two-thirds of all Carl’s Jr. restaurants in the United States are located in California. Also, Las Vegas has many Carl’s Jr. restaurants alongside Los Angeles, San Diego, Fresno, and Sacramento. You can find where the nearest Carl’s Jr. restaurants are by using the restaurant locator on the company’s own website.

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