Caltex South Africa Application Online & PDF 2022

Caltex is a petroleum company that has gas stations in many regions of the world including South Africa. Caltex is a subsidiary brand of the Chevron company. Caltex also has a refinery in Cape Town, at which petrol, diesel, jet fuel, liquefied petroleum gas, fuel oil and paving asphalt are produced. A quarter of all service stations owned by Caltex are located in South Africa. There are currently 800 Caltex service stations across South Africa.

Caltex South Africa

How do I apply for a job at Caltex South Africa?

Job seekers cannot apply online for jobs at Caltex service stations in South Africa because there is no online application option on the website of Caltex South Africa. Therefore, you should visit your local Caltex service station, find a manager, and politely tell them that you are there for a job application. The manager will probably tell you whether there are any current vacancies at the station, and will allow you to submit an application if there is a need for new employees at the moment.

Caltex South Africa Job Vacancies

Gas station attendant and cashier are the most popular job positions at Caltex stations in South Africa. Both of these positions are entry-level jobs and have little or no education or experience requirements, so you can feel free to apply for these positions even if you are not an experienced job candidate. In addition, there is also the station manager position, which requires the candidates to have sufficient work experience in the gas station sector and to have a strong background as a supervisor.

Caltex South Africa Job Application Form PDF

Caltex doesn’t provide any printable job application form that job seekers living in South Africa can use when they apply for a job by going to a Caltex station. You should rather visit your local Caltex stations directly and ask the managers for employment information if you want to pursue a career in a Caltex service station.

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