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Cabela’s is a top-notch outdoor recreational merchant that specializes in selling fishing, camping, shooting, and related outdoor gear. As a part of the renowned Bass Pro Shops, it provides an excellent working environment for its employees. In this blog post, we’ll explore the various job opportunities at Cabela’s, their application process, and what it’s like to be part of their community. We’re here to guide you every step of the way, from the basics of applying online, understanding their application forms, to acing the interview process. We’ll also answer some frequently asked questions about working at Cabela’s. Read on to learn more about kick-starting your working journey with this reputable company.

Cabela’s Jobs

Cabela's Application Online & PDF

With over 70 stores in the U.S. and Canada, Cabela’s offers a variety of opportunities for employment. Jobs range from store associates, customer service representatives to managerial and corporate positions. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or someone looking for a fulfilling career behind the scenes, Cabela’s has a place for you.

The company looks for individuals with a passion for outdoor activities, excellent customer service skills, and an eagerness to learn. They offer competitive pay, flexible scheduling, and comprehensive benefits, creating a great work-life balance for their employees.

Working at Cabela’s is as much about sharing a love for outdoor pursuits as it is about helping customers find the right products for their needs. This balance of passion and service is key to their success – and yours.

Cabela’s Job Application Process

The first step towards working at Cabela’s is understanding their job application process. The company encourages online applications through their career portal where they regularly update their job openings.

Candidates should create a profile on the portal, browse through available job positions, and submit an application for suitable vacancies. Your application will then be evaluated by their hiring team.

Invitations for interviews are typically sent via email or phone call to selected candidates. The whole process might take several weeks depending on the position and applicant’s qualifications.

How to Apply Online at Cabela’s

Applying online for jobs at Cabela’s is straightforward. Visit the company’s career portal, locate the ‘Job Search’ section, and key in the desired post. Then, filter search results by locations to find jobs in specific areas.

Upon finding a role that matches your qualifications and interest, click ‘Apply’. You will be required to fill out an application form detailing your personal information and employment history.

Before final submission, double-check all entered information. Successful application submission will generate an acknowledgment message from Cabela’s. Remember, you can track your application status through your created profile in the portal.

Cabela’s Job Application Form PDF

Cabela’s encourages online applications and does not provide a PDF version of their job application form. All applications are conducted through their career portal, enabling them to streamline application and recruitment processes.

This measure ensures a seamless applicant experience and allows for quicker application updates.

However, if you need to apply in person due to circumstances, we suggest contacting your local Cabela’s store to discuss alternative methods of application.

Cabela’s Interview

If your application is successful, the next stage is an interview. At Cabela’s, interviews may be done in a panel format, one-on-one, or over the phone, depending on the position applied for.

During the interview, you will be quizzed on your knowledge about the company, your experience, and your fit for the role. Remember, above all, they value passion for outdoor pursuits and excellent customer service skills.

Always come prepared for the interview. Dress appropriately, research thoroughly about the company and its products, and have questions ready for your interviewer.

Cabela’s Interview Q&A

1. What do you know about Cabela’s and its products?
– I understand Cabela’s is a leading outdoor recreational merchant selling a wide range of outdoor gear like fishing equipment, camping essentials, shooting accessories, and much more. It’s part of Bass Pro Shops, focusing on pairing customers with the equipment they need for their outdoor pursuits.

2. How do your skills fit the role you applied for?
– I have a strong background in customer service which is essential for any role at Cabela’s. Additionally, I am passionate about outdoor activities, which would assist me in properly understanding and addressing customer needs.

3. Can you handle a difficult customer?
– Yes, having worked in customer service, I have developed the patience and understanding required to handle difficult customers. I strive to ensure they leave satisfied and with their issues resolved.

4. Why do you want to work for Cabela’s?
– I want to work for Cabela’s because I align with the company’s values of providing top-quality outdoor gear and fostering a love for outdoor pursuits. I believe I would be a great fit for this organization.

5. How would you handle a scenario where the product a customer wanted was out of stock?
– In such cases, I would apologize to the customer and propose an alternate product. If that was not a suitable solution, I would offer to place an order and inform them as soon as the product is restocked.

Cabela’s Minimum Hiring Age

Cabela’s keenly adheres to state and federal labor laws. The minimum hiring age for most positions at Cabela’s is 18 years. However, this may vary for entry-level roles, depending on local labor regulations.

Keep in mind that eligibility also depends on the nature of the job. For instance, roles involving hazardous work conditions or late working hours may require you to be older than 18 years.

It’s advisable to contact your local Cabela’s store or check their job listings for specific age requirements for different roles.

Cabela’s Frequently Asked Questions

1. What hours does Cabela’s usually operate?
– Typically, Cabela’s operates from 9 am to 8 pm. However, these hours may vary by location and during holiday seasons.

2. How often do staff at Cabela’s get paid?
– Cabela’s employees typically receive their pay bi-weekly.

3. Does Cabela’s hire full time, part-time, or seasonal staff?
– Cabela’s hires all three, full-time, part-time, and seasonal staff, depending on the store demands and season.

4. Does Cabela’s provide a uniform for their employees?
– Yes, Cabela’s workers are typically provided with a company vest and name tag.

5. Do I need prior experience to work at Cabela’s?
– Not necessarily. While prior experience is beneficial, being passionate about outdoor activities and providing excellent customer service is key.

6. How long after an interview can I expect a job offer?
– This can vary depending on the number of applicants. Generally, you can expect feedback within a week or two.

7. Does Cabela’s offer any employee benefits?
– Yes, Cabela’s offers employees a variety of benefits including health insurance and 401(k).

8. What training does Cabela’s provide for new hires?
– Cabela’s provides robust on-the-job training for new hires. They also occasionally provide professional development opportunities.

9. Can a Cabela’s employee work in multiple departments?
– Yes, the possibility exists depending upon store needs and the employee’s skill set.

10. What growth opportunities does Cabela’s offer its employees?
– Cabela’s promotes from within, providing employees with opportunities to move up within the store hierarchy, to team lead or managerial roles.

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