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Welcome to this comprehensive guide to job opportunities at Big Lots. This American retail corporation is a popular job seeker choice with over 1,400 stores throughout the country. In this blog, we’re going to provide a deep insight into Big Lots job openings, the application process, online application, PDF form, interview process, and more. We will also address some common interview questions and general FAQs about working at Big Lots. We hope that this information will guide you on your journey to securing a job with this thriving retail giant.

Big Lots Application

Big Lots Job Application Form PDF

Big Lots does not provide a printable PDF job application form on their career site. All job applications are submitted online through their official job portal. However, in some cases, you might be able to obtain a physical application form directly from a Big Lots store.

Completing a paper application requires you to print neatly and clearly, providing all the necessary information, such as your personal details, educational background, work experience, and references, if requested.

Remember to double-check your application for any errors or missing information before submitting it to ensure that you make a positive first impression.

Big Lots Job Application Form

The employment application form of Big Lots consists of 4 pages.

  • On the first page, you should provide some personal data. There are also some questions about your employment and about the employment of people that you know at Big Lots.
  • Then, fill the table regarding your education.
  • Then, list the names of three people other than your relatives who have knowledge of your job-related skills. Also, provide some related information about them.
  • The second page is about your employment history. You should give a detailed list of your previous employments.
  • Then, read the statement at the bottom of the second page, sign the form, and write the date.
  • The third page is for the pre-screening notice and certification request for the work opportunity credit.
  • The fourth page is for the employer’s use, so don’t write anything on the fourth page.

You can now submit the form to the management of any Big Lots store.

Big Lots Jobs

Big Lots offers a range of job opportunities, from part-time entry-level positions to full-time managerial roles. The company is well known for providing employees with a positive work environment and competitive pay rates. Some of the popular roles include retail associate, stock associate, assistant store manager, and store manager.

Associates typically handle customer inquiries, check out purchases, and organize displays. On the other hand, individuals in managerial roles oversee the staff, inventory, and general store operations.

If you are interested in working in a fast-paced and interactive work environment, Big Lots might be a great fit for you.

Big Lots Job Application Process

Applying for a job at Big Lots is straightforward and simple. The job application process can be completed online or in-store. The online application will require you to create an account on the Big Lots career site and submit your application for the desired position.

Once you have submitted your application, it is reviewed by the HR team, and if shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview. The interview process typically involves one or two rounds depending upon the position you have applied for.

Please note that due to the high number of applications Big Lots receives, only those candidates who meet the job requirement will be contacted for an interview.

How to Apply Online at Big Lots

The Big Lots online job application process begins by visiting the Big Lots careers page on their official website. Here, you can search for available positions by keyword or location. Once you’ve found a job you’re interested in, click on it for more information.

For first-time users, you will need to create an account. This account will allow you to apply for multiple jobs, keep track of your application status, and get alerts for new job postings. Once your account is set up, you can fill out the application form.

Ensure to read the job description carefully, complete all requested fields, upload necessary documents like your resume, and submit your application.

Big Lots Interview

After your job application has been reviewed and deemed a good fit, you will be invited for an interview. The interview usually takes about 15-30 minutes and contains behavioral and situational based questions. It’s a two-step process, a phone interview followed by a face-to-face interview.

During the interview, the hiring manager is interested in your customer service skills, reliability, flexibility, and ability to work in a team environment. It’s important to note that Big Lots is a customer-centred organization, and your ability to handle customer issues effectively will be a plus during your interview.

Once the interview is over, it could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks before you hear back. In some cases, if the store needs to fill a position immediately, you may be offered the job on the spot.

Big Lots Interview Q&A

1. Q: Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for a customer?
A: In my previous job, I once had a customer who couldn’t find a specific product they wanted. Although it was not part of my job description, I contacted other branches until I found it and arranged for it to be transported.

2. Q: How do you handle difficult customers?
A: I stay calm, listen to their grievances, apologize if necessary, and try to find a solution to their problem.

3. Q: Can you describe a time when you had to work in a team to achieve a goal?
A: During the holiday rush last year, my team had to work together efficiently to restock shelves and assist customers. We all had to communicate effectively and be flexible with our tasks to keep the store running smoothly.

4. Q: Why do you want to work at Big Lots?
A: I appreciate Big Lots’ commitment to providing customers with a wide variety of quality products at affordable prices. I would love to be a part of a team that prioritizes customer satisfaction and value.

5. Q: How do you handle stressful situations?
A: In stressful situations, I take a moment to breathe and prioritize my tasks. I then approach each task patiently and methodically.

Big Lots Minimum Hiring Age

The minimum age requirement to work at Big Lots is 16 years. However, for certain positions, especially those that involve handling heavy machinery or management roles, the minimum age requirement may be higher. It is always advisable to carefully check the job description for age requirements before applying.

Being a teenager looking to work at Big Lots can be a great starting point to gain valuable experience in retail, customer service, and teamwork.

Please note that minors who are employed by Big Lots must comply with any federal or state laws regarding hours of work and mandatory breaks.

Big Lots Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does Big Lots do background checks?
A: Yes, Big Lots performs background checks for all potential employees.

2. Q: How often do Big Lots employees get paid?
A: Big Lots employees typically receive their wages every two weeks.

3. Q: Does Big Lots offer training for new employees?
A: Yes, Big Lots offers orientation and training for new hires.

4. Q: What is the typical dress code for Big Lots workers?
A: The typical dress code includes a company-provided shirt, black or khaki pants, and closed-toe shoes.

5. Q: Can I apply for more than one job at Big Lots?
A: Yes, you can apply for several jobs that match your skills and experience.

6. Q: What benefits do Big Lots employees receive?
A: Benefits include a store discount, flexible scheduling, 401(k), healthcare, and paid time off.

7. Q: How long does the hiring process take at Big Lots?
A: The hiring process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending upon the position.

8. Q: What should I do if I haven’t heard back after my interview?
A: It’s appropriate to follow up with the hiring manager via phone or email if you haven’t heard back within two weeks after your interview.

9. Q: Does Big Lots offer part-time jobs?
A: Yes, Big lots offers both full time and part-time positions.

10. Q: Can I work at Big Lots with no previous work experience?
A: Yes, Big Lots offers entry-level positions that do not require previous work experience.

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